Dexter S:8 E:1 "A Beautiful Day"

Previously On Dexter : You should probably watch the show, so I won't recap the whole damn series. But Last season Dexter confessed his serial killing ways to his sister Deb. He fell in love with  fellow serial killer Hannah McKay, then had her set to jail for trying to kill Deb, becasue blood is thicker than semen. In return (sort of), Deb shot her boss LaGuerta to protect Dexter.

This Week On Dexter : We pick up six months after we left Dexter, Deb and dead LaGuerta in that storage container on the pier. Which serves as a bit of a cop out, not having to explain how Dex and Deb got away with killing LaGuerta. But it still works, it feels like the show is moving in real time as it's been about 6 months since the last season ended. Dex has continued with his life, as if nothing has changed. He's having a hell of a good time coaching little Harrison's soccer games by day and bedding soccer moms by night. Deb on the other hand has completely gone off the deep end. She quit Miami Metro and became a bounty hunter for Sean Patrick Flanery (not the person, well the person, but he has a character name I can't remember right now). Elsewhere, Angel rejoined the force in the wake of Maria's murder. Quinn has started fucking Angels sister, because Desmond Harrington's contract states that Quinn has to fuck a different girl every season.

The gang gets together at the dedication of the "Maria LaGuerta memorial bench." It's a pretty plain bench. You would think that they would have put a floral skirt or some big gold hoops on it on it or something. Speaking of skirts, Angel is looking to unload a bunch of Marias shit - and acting like a total creep show while doing it.

Deb is conspicuously absent at this service. She's over in Fort Lauderdale doing coke with a criminal she's supposed to be bringing in for SPF. Her absence has not been list on Dexter. He tries to call her - about a hundred times before finally getting all creep show and showing up at her job. SPF (Sean Patrick Flanery) spills the beans about Debs latest job and Dex hit's the road. Confronting her in a Spanish grocery, she's none to happy. The LaGuerta thing really fucked her up and she really want's nothing to do with Dex anymore.

Dex of course, doesn't listen. Working on a tip from Quinn. He discovers that Debs fence may be in more trouble than he or Deb knows. Back to Ft. Lauderdale (Harrison in tow this time) he tries to  save Deb but manages to kill the guy Debs trying to bring in/fucking. An act which obviously is seemingly counterproductive to repairing their broken relationship. Dexter moves from calm, together soccer mom banging guy to on the edge pretty damn quick. Harry tries to warn him, but alas he pays no heed.

Dexter has bigger problems than Deb though. A new serial killer has turned up on Miami Beach. Along with that serial killer, is Dr. Evelyn Vogel former FBI serial killer expert (so a female Frank Lundi I guess). Dr. Vogel is there to help the department with their newest case. She's also very interested in the Bay Harbor Butcher. Oh, and she knows that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dex threatens to kill her. She reminds him that she "doesn't fit Harrys code." That may be true, but Dexter has killed people before who don't meet the code, so we will see if they go with that or not.

Overall, a very strong start to Dexters final season. The fact that Dex started the episode by telling everyone how happy he is and how normal everything has been and ended it by threatening to kill Dr. Vogel - someone who could bring him down in a nano second, shows a lot about Dexters current state of mind. The fact that he no longer has Deb as a crutch, whether that be sisterly or murderous sisterly, leaves a big hole for Dex. how ill he fill it? Hannah McKay? One can only hope!

"Enjoy Every Sandwich"

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