Hemlock Grove : S:1 E:11 "The Price"

Last Time On Hemlock Grove : Roman woke up and decided that being an asshole/rapist was a bad thing. He reunites the Butch and Sundance team to hunt the werewolf again. Sadly they are terrible at doing that, and the wolf kills the sheriffs annoying twins.

This Time On Hemlock Grove : Novelist girl is pretty fucked up. Her hair is now all white, completing the Laura San Giancamo character development arc from The Stand. She also doesn't speak anymore. Norman checks on her but gets a phone call which is more important. I get a drink, which is more important than watching the : OPENING CREDIT SEQUENCE!

Olivia and Dr. Price meet at the old mill. Olivia seems fine despite sporting a rather fresh gunshot wound. Dr. Price informs her that Chausser has been taken care of. Thank god, although I seriously doubt he's telling the truth.

Norman feels terrible about the twins deaths. He tries to make nicey nice with the sheriff. This doesn't go very well and leads to the sheriffs stereotypical redneck friends declaring war on the Rumanceks. They head straight for the trailer but Lily Taylor pulls a Han Solo and hides beneath the floorboards. Luckily for him Peter isn't home. But the cat is. Who knew they had a cat? You would think they wouldn't get along. Werewolves and Cats living together! Mass Hysteria!

Peter is not home because he is convalescing at the Godfreys under Romans creepy watchful eye. When he awakens, naked, Roman informs him of the killings and how he rescued him. He gets a bit weepy about it. Frankly, it's a little uncomfortable, especially since Peter is still not wearing any clothes. Roman convinces Peter that leaving the warmth of the Godfrey compound might not be the best thing for him right now. So he goes to check on Lily Taylor instead of Pete. Stuck in the house, Peter heads down to the kitchen to get a bite to eat. Letha shows up, interrupting his meal of barely warm meat. They act like retarded 16 year olds until a couple of cops bust in looking for Peter. They run. That doesn't work out very well. Cornered they surrender until Roman shows up and does his creepy eye suggestion thing.

SIDEBAR: I've talked a lot of shit about this show and deservedly so, and believe me, I will continue to do so, but this scene was pretty damn intense. I'm sure that when folks look back at the show they will pick two definitive things to reflect on. First, Bill Skarsgard is going to be a star and second, the show needed more scenes like this and less pointless faux lesbianism.

Norman lays out a plan to leave his wife after Lethas baby is born to Olivia. Olivia pretends to believe him, but it sure seems like she's been down this road before. He then meets Roman, Peter, and Letha in the creepy graveyard/abandoned church part of the mental asylum grounds. They set Peter up with some hospital food and an empty tub to sleep in. How nice. But at least he has his cat!

The next morning, novelist girl is missing from her room and their is another dead body. Concerned, Peter decides he needs to see Destiny. Again, Roman convinces him that the great outdoors isn't the best place for a werewolf on the run. He goes to see Destiny himself and receives a special care package for Peter, one that will help him turn back into a wolf before the next full moon. But there is a price! Ladies and Gentlemen - Twisted Sister "It's the price we gotta pay and all games we gotta play, make's me wonder if it's worth it to carry on"...Thank's guys. Peters price? His human face. Whatever that means.

With Peter off trying to stop who or whatever is killing folks, Roman returns home where he runs into Olivia. He confesses that he can do the mind control thing. Olivia plays it cool telling him she already knew that. She then shows him the Battle Axe (unenchanted) that he had in his dream. There are a couple flashbacks one for Roman one for Peter there are some Nazis and such (seriously). I guess these two are going to come to lagerheads soon, but it will probably take another whole episode for that to happen.

Postscript shows us Chausser is very much alive, just in a cage at the old mill. Damn Dr. Price. I hate him simply for not killing her and saving us from some more of her bullshit.

This was actually a good episode. I never thought I would say this but I really believe Bill Skarsgard is the lynchpin of the the show. The over all quality falls immensely when he's not around. Look no further than the episode where he's in a coma. That was a fucking disaster. Two more episodes to go. So many sub plots to wrap up. Despite the good episode, I'm not holding out hope.

As always thanks for reading. "Enjoy every sandwich"

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  1. That's a great summary of the show, I can't see how they are going to wrap up all the rather convoluted threads in two episodes.

    I have a horrible feeling that I'm going to regret watching this series.

  2. I don't "regret" watching this series.......if I need to go to sleep I put it on.Works every time!