5 (Fairly Recent) Films You May have Missed

If you are a regular follower of what goes on here at the DW, then you must be fully aware that we've been on sort of a down streak recently. Starting with regular Hemlock Grove recaps and continuing through such dreck as Rise Of The Zombies (review), House At The End OF The Street, (recap) and The Factory (review), it's been a few weeks wince we've seen anything worth getting excited about. That depresses us. So let's brighten things up a bit and take a look back at some of the recent films that have helped us remember why we love the genre rather than want to stick a fork in our eye while we watched.

FROZEN (2010)

Let me preface by saying this list is in no particular order. Let me clarify this is NOT, nor has it anything to do with the upcoming Disney film of the same name. Instead this is the downright terrifying tale spun by Adam Green (Hatchet, Spiral) of three twenty somethings trapped on a ski lift over a long weekend in utterly freezing temperatures. Over the next hour and ten minutes or so Green manages to touch on at least one thing that will make everyone's skin crawl. Whether you are afraid of viscous animals, isolation, body horrors, it doesn't matter, Green finds a way to pack it all in and he does so in a way that is both brilliant and off putting. It's exactly the type of uneasy horror experience we all wish for.


Many horror films take place in what has become to be know as the "post apocalyptic" world. 95% of these films zombie related somehow. This one is different, no zombies to be found, more like single minded, ravenous, vampires. I know, the world is kind of vampired out by now, but this time it's different. The vampires in this film don't sparkle, they don't love, they just feed. With a killer protagonist, awesome third act and Danielle Harris, Stake Land is a film that should be on every horror fans must see list. If you haven' make it a point to do so. It's currently streaming on the Netflix. Read the full DW review here.


Long time readers are probably shitting in their corn flakes right now. "But you only gave the film 2 stars." That's correct and I stand by that review. But the thing is, I get what writer/director Eric England was trying to do - make a film that exists wholly in a vacuum that exists before 1995 or so. Really, before the first Scream picture. Before the 90's made horror films so self aware that even the awareness became a cliche. I don't necessarily think England pulls it off, but there is a lot of good shit going on here and he is talented enough to almost bring it all together. Essentially, Madison County is your run of the mill backwoods inbred fucked up country folks versus the outside world sort of film. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check it out. Last time I checked it was also on Netflix. Read the DW review here.


A little light on story but heavy on great performances and tremendous visuals, Excision kind of flew under the radar for a lot of folks. That may be primarily due to the fact that the films star, Anna Lynn McCord is better known for being a pop tart cast member of the ill fated CW 90210 reboot. People who think this couldn't be more wrong. McCord is brilliant as the ugly loser with delusions of surgical grandeur. Traci Lords as her overbearing mother is perfectly cast, giving her best performance since Cry-Baby. There are times where the film feels like a short stretched to a feature (which it is) and that padding holds the film back a bit. But that's a minor quibble when compared the wonderfulness that is Excision. Check out the entire fill length DW review here.

CITADEL (2012)

As a writer the first thing you learn is that the greatest stories always arise from the fears you hold within yourself. Taking the age old credo to heard writer/director Ciaran Foy turns his own paralyzing agoraphobia into one of the most ingenious and thought provoking horror films in a long time. The films main strength comes from it's ability to straddle the line of what's really happening and what's imagined. Add in a great performance from lead actor Aneurin Barnard and you have a film that's not to be missed. Find the full DW review (here).

So do you feel better? I know I do. If you haven;t checked out any of these films, please make it a point to do so. Share your thoughts and as always thanks for reading!

"Enjoy every sandwich."

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