Horror Legend Herschell Gordon Lewis Needs Your Help!

We get lots of requests for help with KickStarter or indiegogo campaigns here at the Dread. Depending upon whether they look like shit or we are just feeling lazy, we leave them sit in out inbox forever hoping they will go away. But occasionally we get something that really catches our eye, something that demands the attention of the DW Universe.

If you are not familiar with the legend that is Herschell Gordon Lewis than leave the site do a little research, watch some films and come back in say...a year or so. However if you are then you know EXACTLY why we are bring thing this particular project to you today.

Herschell Gordon Lewis, regularly accepted as the "Godfather of Gore" needs your help (and I suppose mine as well) getting his new film 'Zombificador' off the ground. So do a legend a solid favor, head over to the indiegogo page found here and contribute. You can contribute as little as a dollar. So you can still be cheap and feel like you've done something!

Here's a little message from HGL for everyone...

Do the right thing...help a legend out. Let's get 'Zombificador' made!

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