Hemlock Grove S:1 E:8 "Catabasis"

Last Time On Hemlock Grove : Peter fucked Letha. Roman fucks a racially confusing girl. One of them was consensual. One of of them was not.

This Time On Hemlock Grove :  Roman, post rape, heads out to the car for some night driving. He's still rather pissed so he snorts some coke - that should calm him down. He proceeds to start ranting and raving, calling Peter "a faggot" while doing so. Then he crashes his car. Shouldn't be calling people faggots. Looking up from the (mild) damage to the vehicle he spots Godfrey Tower. We spot the OPENING CREDIT SEQUENCE!

Back from the boredom and Roman is still pissed. He uses the creepy eye thing he does to get into the institute. He very quickly finds the door leading to Dr. Prices biggest secret. You'd think that such a big secret would be better hidden. But none the less, Roman fires up a conveniently located acetylene torch with the thought of cutting his way through the door. Did he even try knocking? Dr. Price stops him. Roman asks about Aura Boros. Price feigns surprise. He then shoots Roman up with some fairly heavy sedatives.

Roman is held in a room at the institute until Olivia shows up and whisks him away. Price objects, but Olivia usually gets what she wants. Shelly carries him up to her room. She's pretty broken up about this whole deal. She uses her iPhone to try and talk to Roman.

Roman responds by waking in his dream, which looks like a cross between something out of Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and the inside of the Lament Configuration. His vision of Shelly (petite and beautiful) is there to guide him. But towards what? Shelly asks him to destroy the dragon. Little does she know that Daenerys has two others and doesn't like to be fucked with. Just ask Kraznys mo Nakloz. Throughout his walking nightmare he runs into most of the important characters in the Grove beginning with Dr. Chausser. Who finger paints the snake eating itself thing on his shirt. Interestingly Scully got that same tattoo during season 4 of The X-Files. Hopefully Roman doesn't end up with cancer...or a tattoo that talks.

He stumbles upon Norman next. He's holding an impromptu session out on the front lawn apparently. Final diagnosis. Roman has some daddy issues...and some mommy issues. Romans dead dad shows up wearing a wife beater - in hell they have no sleeves. They have words. Long story short, apparently Norman is Romans dad, or it all could just be a dream, so maybe not.

Dream Roman decides to go to school, after all education is important - even in your dreams. He settles in to a classroom to watch an old timey movie of Letha dancing. Because that's a fairly normal thing cousins do. His aunt finally shows up to yell at him, but she's got a serpents tongue, so I'm not sure she can be entirely trusted. He finally dream catches up with Peter. Peter talks about wet pussy...and scorpions, thankfully not in relation to each other. Dream Shelly shows up and tells him to stop fucking around, he's got shit to do. She disappears, he cries like a bitch. Dream Shelly screams. Roman grabs a battle axe (what is this Skyrim? If so he's going to need a few enchantments before that will be a useable weapon). Enchantments be damned, Roman vanquishes a dream werewolf from as it attacked dream Shelly. Unknown race girl then shows up naked to chastise Roman about how ugly he is. In response he gets a boner. Dream Shelly tells him to hurry the fuck up. To be fair she's the one that left and got in trouble in the first place. Maybe she should settle down.

Elsewhere : Dr. Chausser is getting a bit too big for her Fish and Wildlife britches. This spurns a visit from the priest guy who wants her to stay focused on Peter rather than Olivia. I'm sure there is a priest/young boy joke there somewhere but at this point I just don't care. She goes and visits Olivia anyway.Norman and Olivia confess their love for each other. Which prompts Norman to not be able to go home. This makes his wife sad.

Peter confesses to his mother that h'es boffing Letha. Then he does it again. Chausser takes pictures of them with a very big lensed camera. She then makes out with her amulet. End show.

This is an episode that will live in limbo until I see the next episode. Are Romans dream induced hallucinations just that? Or are they secret truths he's learning. If it's the former than it's a pretty big waste of an hour. If it's the second, at least it moves the story forward while giving you something different to look at. Either way it wasn't a bad show, simply because of the oddness of it. Odd or not though, the narrative is still moving at a snails pace. It seems like they set up so many dangling participles that things need to get moving toward some sort of end game or the last few episodes are going to be an absolute disaster.

As always thanks for reading. "Enjoy every sandwich."

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  1. Last episode got 8 comments.Now we're back to "0 Comments".I can't give anything since I can't recall the episode enough to give one.What do you think was in that steel box at the Godfrey Institute?Shelley's twin brother?The Great Khali perhaps?(I know you love wrestling references.I was going to say the Giant Gonzelas,but I wasn't sure how to spell his name)