The Walking Dead S:3 E:16 "Welcome To The Tombs"

Previously On The Walking Dead: The Governor is a very angry man. He want's Michonne. He want's Andrea. He's pissed at Merle. Somebody get him a Prozac.

Last Week On The Walking Dead: Merle sacrificed himself in an attempt to take out The Governor. Then Daryl stabbed him in the face. It was heartbreaking.

This Week On The Walking Dead: Oh is The Governor ever so pissed! He beats the shit out of Milton for burning all the biters. Milton has the balls to tell him he's crazy and to bring up his daughter. So like any rational human being The Governor stabss him and leaves him in the room where Andrea is ties to the sex chair torture chair. He figures once Milton turns he will eat Andrea and two birds with one stone you know. Like a good Bond villain, once the plan is set, he leaves assuming all will go just as he wants it to. Has he never seen a movie before?

Back at the prison, Carl has sort of an anger issue. He's pissed about something. I'm not really sure what. But because I hate kids I assume he's just being an ass. Rick tries to talk to him. Not surprisingly this does not go well.

In the meantime, Woodbury readies for a full on assault of the prison. Tyrese and his lady friend beg out of the conflict. Amazingly, The Governor shows some restraint an doesn't kill them. As they roll out, Andrea and Milton get deep with each other. Not in that way you pervs. He's dying and that's just a whole different level of fetish that I'm just not ready to comprehend.

The Gov and Co. attack the prison with all guns a blazin'. They take out the guard tower. They mow down walkers. They hit Michonne's tire strip of doom. Undeterred the slowly advance inside. They find nothing. They move deeper, finding the main meeting place for Ricks group. No one. The Governor uses his super villain hearing to track some strange noises. Bang! Flash bombs and walkers everywhere! Maggie and Glenn, dressed in full SWAT team gear open fire on the group. They return fire for a moment before turning tail to run like the Ghostbusters at the New York Public Library.

They celebrate their victory at the prison. Hershel and Carl run into one of The Governors men. He's a young kid really. Carl asks him to drop his weapon. The kid hesitates before starting to comply. Carl shoots him anyway. Hershel senses a problem. Carl tells Rick the story, lying about the kid being complicit. Hershel tells him the real deal. Rick isn't happy. He tries to talk to Carl. Carl basically calls him a pussy and walks away.

Andrea is busy trying to free herself from her chair using a wrench Milton had dropped before. Problem is, Milton is quickly dying. So time is of the essence. She continues to struggle. Milton continues to turn. She gets one hand free and Milton starts advancing towards her. We don't see what happens, but it's The walking Dead so we can assume the worst.

The Governor runs down the deserters. He tries to force them to turn around. When they refuse - he shoots them. All of them. Except Martinez and the intimidating black dude...and I think that's only because they were standing behind him. The Gov, just to make sure people are dead starts shooting his fallen victims in the head as they lay on the ground. He runs out of bullets just as he is about to shoot the one person who he accidentally left alive.

Rick and Co. decide the best thing to do is to try and hunt down The Governor. Rick, Michonne and Daryl roll out. They come upon The Governors slaughter. They rekill anyone who's turned and rescue the one chick who is left alive, Karen.

By nightfall there is no sight of The Governor, as the group makes it to Woodbury. They are stopped by Tyrese and his lady friend. Karen smoothes things over and conversation turns to Andrea. Since she never made it to the prison they surmise she must still be in town. they find her rather quickly. She's not dead. not yet anyway. Milton took a chunk out of her right shoulder though, so it's only a matter of time. Rick and Andrea both admit mistakes and make nicey nice, as do Andrea and Michonne. She asks Rick for his gun so she can kill herself and even makes a joke about the safety being off. Nice touch there, that's from way back in episode two or three. Rick and co. leave Michonne alone with her. From behind the closed doo we hear a single gun shot and a shell casing hit the floor.

The group arrives back at the prison with some new guests - everyone left in Woodbury and Andrea's body. everyone is welcoming, except Carl who just kind of stomps off. End episode.

Truthfully, how much you liked this episode really has a lot to do with how much you were invested in Andrea. I'm not a big Andrea guy, that's rather obvious. However the scenes with her and Milton where she tries to justify her actions and especially later with Rick, are very effective in repairing her image in my eyes. As far as the hype around the 27 deaths that had been leaking out, it was really much a do about nothing. Other than Andrean and Milton I challenge anyone to tell me the names of any other people who were killed without looking it up.

It was still a very effective episode, just not the war zone bloodbath some (including myself) were expecting. That's it for this season. Thanks for reading! Enjoy every sandwich.

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