Hudson Horror Show VII - 35 MM Horror At It's Best!!!

That's right all you Lo-Hud Horror fans, the country's, or dare I say, the world's greatest horror themed 35MM Horror Film Festival is back. Check out the poster for the lineup :

"Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun."

Or in this case these are the guys with the films. No need to rub your eyes - you read the poster correctly. 5 awesome films, all shown in one day, all in wonderful 35mm. So mark you calenders, or update you iPhones or whatever it is you silly kids do these days. Or better yet, head over to the Hudson Horror website and PRE-PURCHASE your tickets. The theater, well very comfortable, does have a limited number of seats - and they go fast.

There will also be tons of vendors hocking their horror themed wares, prizes, giveaways and a bunch of really good folks who love the genre. So if you are in the area or plan to be in the area pencil - no pen this in on your calender.

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