Hemlock Grove : S:1 E:5 "Hello, Handsome"

Last Time On Hemlock Grove: The follow up to the second body being discovered. Folks think Peter is a werewolf and killed it. Dr. Chasseur drinks and plays with some poop. Not a bad episode overall.

This Time On Hemlock Grove: A commercial! Truthfully it's a commercial for The Godfrey Insitute, so I guess it's apropos. Post commercial it's flashback time - get used to it. 14 years ago, Norman, his brother and Dr. Price carried Shelly's small coffin into the Institute. This stunning development leads us to - The Opening Credit Sequence! Which has been bothering me since the shows first episode. Notice any resemblance between the "Hemlock Grove" opening credit sequence and these Opening Credit Sequences? :

I thought so. That shit has been driving me crazy since it's first notes hit my brain. I hate it. Moving on though, there is a lot to cover. Let us not get dragged down in audio laziness. There is plenty of other laziness to exploit.

I guess we'll start with the main story arch. Roman and Peter have officially taken up the task of investigating the murder of the two chicks, despite not being asked to do so and being rather obvious suspects themselves. But we have some tension here, as Peter and Letha have gotten quite friendly since her bus ride/masturbatory fantasy about him. They go so far as to share a straw (gross, I know). Did I mention that Peter drinks Fanta? I call bullshit - no one drinks Fanta. Clearly he's the killer. This new found friendship does not sit well with Roman, because well, we're not quite sure, although I woulndn't trust anyone drinking Fanta either. Peter also giver her his Cracker Jack Prize, no you pervs, it really is a Cracker Jack prize.. Fanta and Cracker Jacks...for lunch...talk about suspended belief. Jesus, werewolves are one thing, but eating Cracker Jacks and drinking Fanta? Come on folks, even I have my limits.

Olivia and Johnny Law have suspicions about Roman and the dead chick that was dug up (they would be right of course). Roman has other things to worry about, namely driving Peter (does he get gas money for schlepping him all over western Pa.?) to his whore cousins lace to perform some ritual with the dead chicks intestines. But wait, I thought the cousin was pissed because Roman is an Uume-something or other? Not this episode, everything is cool. Gotta love that consistency. She drops a caterpillar in the jar with the guts. The next night, she pulls the caterpillar out and swallows it. The dead chick takes over her body and gives Peter some cryptic messages regarding an invitation and why she was in the woods that night. Then she throws the caterpillar back up.

Roman misses out on those festivities however because he is at the annual, or maybe not annual, but some sort of self aggrandizing Godfrey ball. Letha gets sick (again with the puking). Her mother takes her home. Norman flirts with Olivia. Some minor character with a hot wife, Theo, talks some shit about Roman to Norman. Roman of course overhears this and decides it would be great revenge to do some coke and fuck this guys wife. The first part works out great. The second part...well. Let's just say Roman is a pretty fucked up dude.

Dr. Chasseur shows up at the institute to question Dr. Price. He shows her he has some sort of super human strength. Then warns her about the Godfreys. She hits her truck and starts drinking. Some cardinal guy calls her to confront her about the booze. Which leads to FLASHBACK TIME (again).

Chasseur is thrown in some seedy prison with a pregnant (non) Mexican chick. She's there for three weeks fashioning a weapon out of a piece of the bed. They bond a bit. Breakout time arrives, Mexican girl starts doing her part. But she's a werewolf. Chassuer uses the weapon to kill her. Mr. X shows up to welcome her to the "Order of The Dragon"...hmmm, where have we heard that before?

There was also some mention of a Godfrey Insitute/Dr. Price project called Aura Boros or something like that. Dr/ Price promised it was nothing, but he's usually lying, so figure it out. That's it for this episode.

Despite some nitpicking it wasn't a bad show. More was learned about the whole Shelly deal. Some much needed answers as far as Chausser is concerned and confirmation that Roman is a really fucked up dude. Two solid shows in a row? Could "Hemlock Grove" have finally hit it's stride?...Want to split a Fanta and discuss? Comment below...

"Hemlock Grove" is currently streaming it's entire run on Netflix.

As always - Thanks for reading. Enjoy every sandwich.

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