Hemlock Grove S:1 E:2 "The Angel"

Last Time On "Hemlock Grove" : Brooding, brooding and more brooding. You can read about what happened between the brooding here.

This Time On "Hemlock Grove" :

Peter and Roman meet in the field where the chick was killed last episode. There is less brooding and more regular conversation, which is a marked improvement. It is strange how there is just a random little playhouse in the middle of a field, but it gives them something to stare at at least. Mid-conversation Johnny Law shows up. How they knew that Roman and Peter were there is beyond me. They give them a hard time until Roman uses his charm or latent psychic ability to convince the cop there is nothing nefarious going on. Peter is impressed. Roman gets a nosebleed. Like Chief Wiggum told little Ralphie: "If your nose starts to bleed you are picking it too much...or not enough." Another mystery we are left to ponder.

Roman's mother, Olivia (Famke Janssen) has her laundry list of issues. Most notably, she's fucking her brother-in-law, Norman (Dougray Scott), who it seems is also in charge of the family business. He declares that he is done with the whole affair thing. She's not happy about it, but Norman has enough issues of his own to deal with having just found out his daughter, Letha, is pregnant. She, claims to still be virgin and that the baby's father is an angel that visited her in a dream. Teenage sluts everywhere start taking notes.

Back at Beautiful People High, Peter has struck up a friendship with the only ugly girl in school, Romans freakish sister, Shelly. Everyone else is getting all amped up for some costume party/dance that's coming to the school. Everyone that is except Roman, who stares longingly at a snake in a display case before following a girl into the bathroom to eat her out becasue she's got her period. Yup, it happened, complete with bloody hand print. His new bff Peter is apparently the only one who hears the girl screaming in ecstasy and hangs out outside the door of the bathroom, sorry washroom.

SIDEBAR: The series takes place in Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania. No one in Pennsylvania calls it a "washroom." It's called a bathroom, or perhaps in an educational setting "the lavatory." I watch enough HGTV to know they call it a washroom in Canada. The show is filmed in Canada. Rather than making that small change, they leave "washroom" stenciled on the door. Shit like that drives me crazy and shows that no one is paying attention to the details. From now on every time I see that door it's gonna drive me crazy. Rant over...

Folks get all gussied up for the dance thing. We learn the writer chick from the first episode is the prude of her group. But now that she's in high school, she plans on fucking everyone. Her first target is some dude from her drama class. He tries to pick her up with a line from Dirty Dancing. Being 14 she has no idea what he's talking about. She decides to take him to the hallway to get some friction on or something. But he spots a snake in the hallway before anything can get past awkwardness, which is good because SHE'S 14! Needless to say the presence of the 12 foot snake renders the dance over. But not before Roman decides that he's had enough and drags his cousin out with him. She tells him she's pregnant on their drive home. She explains the whole "angel fucking" situation, which he, surprisingly, gets.

The next day at school, Roman slips Peter a note asking him if he can "watch." Which I immediately think means he wants to watch him jerk off. So that shows you where I'm coming from. In truth he means he wants to watch him turn into a werewolf. So Peter is officially a werewolf I guess. Peter is cool with it. So is his mom (Lily Taylor) for some reason. That night Roman comes over and waits for Peter to change....and change he does. Then he eats his old skin in a nice touch. End Episode.

The big deal with this episode was the werewolf change. It's handled well, but is nowhere near the "greatest werewolf change ever" as dopes were espousing on Twitter. I don't know if those folks were genre newbies who have never seen American Werewolf In London or people just trying to cater favor or a retweet from Eli Roth. For reference this is and may possible always be the greatest werewolf transformation ever:

Quibbles aside, this episode was head and shoulders above the last one. Less brooding, although I don't know how you could have more brooding than the first episode. The show actually looked better. The teenage cast was (gasp) interesting. It still has a way to go to really get me hooked, but it certainly was good enough to get me to check out episode 3.

"Hemlock Grove" is currently available in it's entirety on Netflix.

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  1. I just heard about this series through Eli Roth's interview with Kevin Pollack.I assumed it had to be good because I'm a huge fan of his.I came here for a review to see if I "missed" something.It's easy to space out while watching this series, as I've had to re-watch the first two episodes.Now I've read it's been cancelled after the third season.Oh well,I'll go to the washroom to clean up.

  2. P.S.Do you think it's Angel from X-men fame?Hey,I'm just asking.........