The Walking Dead S:3 E:15 : "This Sorrowful Life"

Previously On The Walking Dead: Merle captured and delivered Michonne to The Governor. He later turns face (kind of) and escapes to the prison. The Governor offers Rick a deal - Michonne for peace.

Last Week On The Walking Dead: I'm feeling lazy (Yay for you!) Read about it here.

This Week On The Walking Dead:

Rick tells the inner circle (Hershell, Daryl, Merle and maybe Glenn) that he want's to give Michonne to The Governor. They discuss the best way to do the deed. Merle has his doubts. He doesn't think Ric has the stones to do it. Meanwhile he's getting antsy, and by antsy I mean tearing apart the prison mattresses looking for drugs. Sadly, there's no dope in them there beds.

Michonne decides to surround the entrances to the prison with razor wire. Everyone agrees that it's a pretty good idea. Maybe if Rick wasn't busy talking to the ghost of his wife (yup, she's back) he would have thought of that idea himself. Turns out Merle is right and Rick pulls a Mitt Romney, flip flopping on the Michonne issue. Merle take's matters into his own hands however and kidnaps Michonne himself. Deciding that doing the dirty work was what he is best at and what he can bring to the group.

They set out on foot having some rather intense conversation along the way. Michonne acts as both psychiatrist and priest for Merle all at once as he bears his soul while asking for forgiveness (as only Merle can). Eventually Merle decides that walking probably isn't the smartest idea and decides to hot wire a car. Amazingly hot wiring a car with one hand is not that easy. He sets off the cars alarm in the process bringing a plethora of hungry walkers down upon them.

They manage to escape and head back out on the road - this time on some shiny 22 inch rims. Michonne continues to talk to Merla about who he was, who he is and who he wants to be. Merle finally completes his face turn and lets her go. He drops her off but doesn't head back to the prison with her. He has something else to take care of.

That something else would be getting drunk and listening to Motorhead - which pretty much sums up my 20's. Lemmy blasting fro the speakers eventually attracts a bunch of walkers and Merle heads out - slowly. He leads them to the rendezvous point - where The Governors men are waiting for Rick and Michonne. He unleashes the walkers and takes refuge in a barn. Loaded gun in hand he starts picking off The Governors henchmen like a sniper in a book depository. He narrowly misses Philip and instead finds himself battling walkers of his own. Eventually, The Governor figures out what's going on. He finds Merle and in the scuffle bites off two of his fingers. He then shoots him, leaving him to die.

Daryl has been tracking Merle and Michonne since he found out they had left. He comes upon the rendezvous point long after The Governor and his men have left. Then he sees Merle...munching on one of the guys he shot. Merle moves towards Daryl. Daryl pushes him away. He's beside himself with grief. Crying, he finally decides to end it - stabbing Merle in the face repeatedly.

Back at the prison, Glenn asked Maggie to marry him, but only after getting Hershels blessing. He rips a ring off a walker to give her. It's as cool as it wounds. Rick caps things off b declaring the end of the "Rick-tatorship" and the start of the "Prison-ocracy." End Episode.

Fuck. This show again. What the show has managed to do this season much more than in seasons past is isolate characters and give them their own showcase. It gives the actors a real chance to shine. Who would have thought that an episode that is 90% Merle and Michonne would be so damn good? It's so sad to see Merle go, Michael Rooker is such a great actor, the show will miss him. But it was great to see Merle go out a martyr, finally redeemed, even if was in his own twisted way.

Next week - then end of season three and all shits about to break loose!

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