The Walking Dead S:3 E:13 "Arrow On The Doorpost"

Last Week On The Walking Dead : Rick and Carl went home. They brought along Michonne to avoid the making the trip a total sausage fest. They run into Ricks old friend Morgan - who's not quite right. Rick rescues some guns. Carl rescues a picture. Michonne rescues Carl. Rick and Carl agree Michonne is the tops! Read the full review here.

Previously On The Walking Dead : Andrea returns to the group. There was no cake. She thinks of killing the Governor. She doesn't.

This Week On The Walking Dead : Rick, Hershel, and Daryl drive to an undisclosed location for an undisclosed meeting. Rick enters a building to find The Governor waiting for him. Andrea, who always seems to fuck everything up, arrives and is surprised The Governor is already there. Outside, The Governors posse (Milton and Caesar) wait patiently with Hershel and Daryl.

Inside Andrea tries to broker some peace. Rick has a proposal. He wants the prison to have everything west of the river. Woodbury gets everything to the east. Now, considering the show is set in Georgia, it would seem geographically speaking, that The Governor is getting the short end of the deal here. But, The Governor isn't really here to talk peace. Andrea acts surprised that Philip would dupe her. Frankly, it doesn't seem that hard at this point.

Back at the prison, Merle is getting antsy. He want's to gather whatever people they can find and take The Governor down mid meeting. Glenn and Maggie are not too happy with that plan. Michonne is indifferent. She's like Switzerland - full of nothing but dark chocolate. Finally it's Beth who calms everyone down by wasting a bullet firing it in the air. No one's really happy, but it's the Zombie Apocalypse. What's there to be happy about?

Andrea storms off, leaving The Governor and Rick alone. Outside, people start getting along. Hershel and Milton bond over science. Daryl and Caesar bond over killing. They realize that they will probably have to kill each other. Such is life. No one talks to Andrea because well, no one likes her.

Inside, The Governor brought a fancy decanter of whiskey. Hmm, I always thought Rick was a Miller Lite type of guy. He has a courtesy drink, but nothing more. The Governor wants Michonne in turn for peace. Rick thinks he's crazy (which we know he is). He could have a statue of himself in the town square, but is wasting his time with a stupid vendetta. The Governor gives him two days to make his decision.

Glenn is pretty pissed about the whole Merle questioning his authority thing. Maggie comes out to console him. He apologizes. She says there is no need, she isn't mad at him. Really? Did she watch the show three episodes ago? I know she's a woman and is supposed to make things tough on the guy, but shit. Anyway, they wind up making sweet love. I guess there is something to be happy about during the Zombie Apocalypse.

There is a cool part where Rick arrives back at the prison and The Governor arrives back at Woodbury at the same time. They do the exact some things movement wise. The way it's cut is wonderful. Rick then gathers his folks and tells him that he met The Governor and war is coming (at least it's not winter coming this time). The Governor on the other hand only tells Milton to prepare for a fight.

Rick finally gets some alone time when he's rudely interrupted by Hershel. He tells him about The Governors demand of Michonne for peace. Hershel defends her, albeit half hardheartedly. Rick admits he's thinking about it. Hershel thinks he's an idiot for even thinking about trusting The Governor. Regardless, the group will stand with Rick.

Even though this was another slow episode in terms of walker killing, it was really well done. Watching Rick and The Governor size each other up was awesome. Having The Governor seemingly out wit Rick was definitely the way to go. I could use less Andrea. There is just too much other great stuff going on for me to care about whatever it is she want's us to care about.

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