The Walking Dead : S:3 E:12 "Clear"

Last Week on The Walking Dead: It kind of sucked. Andrea visited the prison. No one was that enthused. The Governor got his eye patch. Andrea can't decide weather to fuck or kill him. So she does one (guess which one). Merle tries to apologize as only Merle can.

Previously On The Walking Dead: We head all the way back to Season One, Episode One. Rick is rescued by Morgan. He tries to stay in touch with him via walkie talkie, but can't connect with him.

This Week On The Walking Dead: Rick, Michonne and Carl are out making the weapons run Rick organized last week in anticipation of a confrontation with The Governor. Turns out we are going back to Rick and Carl's hometown. Ont he way there they pass a sole hitchhiker who begs for their help. No such like from this group of morose motherfuckers. Michonne gets the Hyundai Santa Fe stuck in the mud. What no four wheel drive? I guess during the zombie apocalypse there's no real time to shop around. Rick kills of bunch of walkers then shows Carl how get the car out of the mud.

Once they get back to town, they try to raid the sheriffs barracks. But alas, someone has beaten them to it. Michonne thinks it's all pretty stupid, especially after Rick starts listing folks in town he knows have guns. One gun at a time is not going to amount to much against The Governor. Venturing further into town Rick notices things are quite different. Someone has turned the once traquil main street into their own sort of zombie Home Alone set.

They start to navigate their way through the traps until someone starts shooting at them from a rooftop. Michonne takes off in pursuit of the guy, but she is too late. The guy makes his way down to the street and traps Rick. Carl comes out of nowhere and shoots the dude in the stomach. But they guy has body armor on, so "he's only mostly dead - which means he's partly alive."

Rick pulls off the guys mask to reveal Morgan, the kind hearted African American dude who helped save Rick way back in the first episode of the show. Continuity! They drag Morgan past all the rigged killing gadgets into the room he's been staying. There they find the sheriff barracks arsenal and then some. Looking around Rick realizes Morgans gone quite crazy. Carl gets lost staring at a map of the town. Morgan has Ricks house on there with a note that it's burned.

Carl decides Judith needs a crib. He didn't call her "ass kicker" so I had to think about who the hell Judith was for a second. Michonne offers to go with him. Rick agrees. Carl tries to lose her once they get outside, but Michonne's a little better at tracking than Carl gives her credit for. Carl drags her to a shitty looking cafe that's filled with walkers. Michonne works up a distraction so she and Carl can enter. Carl takes a picture from above the bar but drops it trying to escape. Michonne heads back in to get it. It's a picture of Rick, Lori and Carl from shortly before shit went down. Carl want's to give it to Judith. What a good guy.

Back in Morgan's sky fortress, he is beginning to wake. He attacks Rick, stabbing him in the shoulder at one point. It takes a lot of doing, but finally Rick gets Morgan to remember him. Morgan explains that he listened for Ricks walkie talkie broadcasts but hear nothing. Rick explained the situation. Morgan told Rick about what happened to his boy and how he had been two weak to shoot his wife after she turned. She was the one who got his son. Rick wants him to come with, after all the show has a one black guy minimum and currently they are one short. He tells him he will be safe. Morgan calls his bluff. If it was safe Rick wouldn't need all those guns. Plus Ricks track record of keeping black dudes alive isn't that good. Just ask T-Dogg or Oscar.

Morgan refuses to come along. Rick understands. Carl tells him he doesn't think Michonne is that bad anymore. Rick concurs. They head back to the prison. On the side of the road they pass what's left of the hitchhiker. Then they back up so Rick can pick up his backpack. End episode.

Great show this week. Probably the best of the season and maybe of the series. Yes, it was talky but it served a purpose. Rick and Carl both got back in touch with their own humanity. At the same time it looks like they have finally closed the book on their old lives. Michonne established herself as a full fledged member of the group and finally got to engage in entire conversations, even being funny at times.

Self contained shows in a series that is built on an ensemble cast are very difficult to pull off. Yet, sometimes they are necessary. They are meant to focus on and drive the narrative for very specific characters. The drama and tension that builds up between Rick and Morgan wouldn't have been half as palatable if we were switching from Woodbury, to the prison, back to Woodbury then to Rick and Morgan. It was getting time for Rick to shit or get off the pot when it came to his growth. It had to happen quickly and in a sustained manner. Game of Thrones did the same thing with the Battle of the Blackwater. That's a vehicle for Tyrion to grow into the leader he knows he can be, rather than just a behind the scenes schemer. It had to be done quickly to set up where the character is going next season. It's the same thing with Rick. In his confrontations with The Governor, Rick has to have some humanity left in him. You can't out crazy Philip.

That's all for this week. Thanks for reading. Stay alive.


  1. Curious to know what you think about season 4. Honestly, I can't go on with that show. The first season was amazing because it was all about surviving. Lots of tense moments, the unknown relationship between Shane and Lori. But then as the subsequent seasons came about, the show became the talking dead. Long and drawn out episodes, not a lot of story progression. Also I feel like if we lose Daryl, ratings will really tank.
    I was losing faith in the show and then the Governor made his assault on the prison and I remembered why I loved the show, and I continued to watch, but then the next episode came on a few months later, and it was the same old nonsense. Kinda felt like gambling, where once in a while I'd win and feel motivated, but then just piss my money away!

  2. Hey thanks for the feedback! I wrote about season 4 for Head over there and type The Walking Dead into the search bar at the top and you will get all my ramblings about last season. In short, I thought it was pretty good, but still falls back on the same safe formulas. I am intrigued by the folks in Terminus and am will in to give it another season.