The Walking Dead S:3 E: 14 "Prey"

Previously on The Walking Dead : Michonne and Andrea had some trust issues. Andrea feels conflicted about the governor. Rick kicks Tyreese and co. out of the prison. They end up on Woodbury.

Last Week On The Walking Dead : Rick met The Governor. Prison folk bonded with Woodbury folk. Nobody bonded with Andrea. You can read about the whole thing here.

This Week On The Walking Dead : We begin in the past. When men were men and Michonne and Andrea were making their way across the walker infested wilderness, gazing up at the stars, dreaming about the men they would become. Well, not really. Andrea tries to ask about Michonne's captures walkers, but this is silent brooding Michonne. As opposed to the cheery bundle of joy that permeates the prison nowadays - so she ain't talking.

In the now present, The Governor is setting up his sex dungeon torture chamber. Milton questions The Governor, which is always a good idea. The Gov gives him a verbal bitch slapping. This causes Milton, panties fully in a bunch, to run to Andrea, tell her about the torture chamber and Philips plan to swap Michonne for peace. Andrea is outraged (of course she is). The Governor amuses himself by whistling into a tape recorder and playing it back over and over again. That seems fun. The song bothers Andrea so much she want's to shoot him. Milton thinks it's a good tune and talks her out of it. Pissed, Andrea tries to leave. She's stopped by Tyreese and his lady friend or daughter or something. I'm not sure, I wasn't paying that much attention. They decide discretion is the better part of valor and let her go. She runs....

....and runs...and runs. Back in Woodbury, The Governor is pissed about the whole Andrea leaving thing. He blames Milton for talking to her. He blames Tyreese and co. for letting her go. Tyreese and Allen (the white dude who he hangs with) get into it a bit. Allen wants Tyreese to fall in line and not compromise their standing in Woodbury. The Governor wants the whole lot of them to help Martinez get ready for the (not so) secret war on the prison.

Andrea runs...and runs...and runs...

Martinez brings a whole mess of folks out to the pit where they keep the extra walkers. Tyreese thinks this whole things is pretty fucked up. Allen tells him to calm the fuck down. They fight. Tyreese could drop him into the pit, but elects to save his life instead.

Andrea runs....and runs...but wait, something is after her, or someone rather. The Governor has tracked her down. She tries to hide in an old, creepy, pipe warehouse or something. I don't know it was dark. The Gov ditches the truck and makes a go of it on foot. He stalks her, in what is some of the best lost slasher film footage I've seen in quite some time. If you watch nothing form this episode what the 15 or so minutes of The Governor and Andrea in the warehouse. Awesome.

Back at the walker pit, someone thinks it's a smart idea to torch the walkers. We are meant to think it's Tyreese, but it's The Walking Dead, so that's too obvious and lazy.

Andrea makes it to the prison and tries to wave to Rick on watch. She gives her best end of Friday the 13th floating in the lake right before Jason pops out of the water smile. Then Jason, or rather The Governor, pops out of the water, or the woods and takes her down. Rick thinks he sees something but isn't sure, so he moves on. Philip takes Andrea back to Woodbury, but denies having her. He questions Tyreese about the walker incineration in a round about way, but just like I suspected it wasn't him. It was Milton, which makes sense.We get another song outro here, which I think makes 3 episodes in a row for that, and see Andrea tied to the sex  chair torture chair.

It's no secret I can't stand Andrea, frankly she's an idiot, but tonight was a very good episode. The stalking scene is a must see for any genre fan. Great stuff. Two episodes left in the season. Time for war!

Thanks for reading. Enjoy every sandwich.

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  1. Yeah I'm not a fan of Andrea either. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I mean she had somewhat of a good backstory, she got a knack for killing zombies after her "practice" session with Shane, and this may sound cruel but it was a relief when she was taken out. The only drawback was, it wasn't as shocking to see as seeing someone I like die, (like many characters on Game of Thrones).