The Owlman Cometh! "Lord Of Tears" Preview...

We get a lot of folks asking us to look at their KickStarter projects and throw up something on the site. We've tried to oblige, but frankly there are only so many hours in the day and there seems to be an endless number of KickStarter horror projects. So nowadays it takes something pretty damn special to get out attention. Plus it doesn't hurt to suck up to us a bit, and you know, actually read the site.

Enter "Lord Of Tears"...

Even if Director Lawrie Brewster hadn't buttered us up a bit, we would have been all over this - like white on rice. With one foot in The Wickerman and one foot in the haunted Hammer films of the seventies, "Lord of Tears" is a psychological thriller with a spine tingling trailer (scroll back up and watch it).

Written by Sarah Daly and starring Euan Douglas, Lexy Hulme (Smash) and David Schofield (Pirates Of the Caribbean),
"Lord Of Tears" looks to have it's official release this July.

So head over to the KickStarter page throw these good Scots some much deserved love. Help get the film released and pick up some cool rewards while you're at it. Come on, what else were you going to do with the 50 bucks you've got lying around? Pay your bills? Visa will understand, trust us. Just kidding, pay your bills...then use that new found credit card room to support "Lord Of Tears!"

KickStarter : Lord Of Tears

They've also got a Facebook page and even a Tumblr page. So go "like" them and whatever it is you do on Tumblr, hell if we know.

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