Murder Loves Killers Too (2009)

I have a confession to make. There are indeed times that I will dial up a horror film on the Netflix, or wherever, simply for the fact it looks terrible and I want to shit all over it. Hell, everyone needs to exercise their snark demon every once in a while and I've been on a run of pretty good films recently so my demon was just about ready to explode. Hence the viewing of Murder Loves Killers Too, a film that has all the makings of a really bad indie horror film. Unknown cast - check. 80 minute running time - check. Incomprehensible title - check. But something happened on the way to heaven as they say, Murder loves Killers Too turned out to be a pretty damn good film. It's not Citizen Kane per say but it's certainly not Creature or Candy Stripers or some other cinematic abortion.

It doesn't start out that way however. We begin in 100% shittsville with a voice over strait out of Alfred Hitchcock Presents or The Twilight Zone. Said voice over means nothing to the overall story and is just there to have a British accent in the film. The main crux of the story introduces us to your standard group of nameless/faceless twenty somethings on their way to a cabin in the woods. Once there, debauchery ensues...the type of annoying debauchery that only takes place in low budget horror films. Lucky for us though, by twenty minutes in, the fluff has been ripped away and the film becomes something completely different.

Killer Stevie is a neat freak, a mid-40's bald, paunchy, neat freak. He's also just a regular freak, renting out his families summer cabin so he can murder and rape and unsuspecting visitors. This weekends party pits him against final girl Aggie. Unfortunately for mild mannered psycho Stevie, he may have met his match.

Usually, I delve a little deeper into the plot of a film, but I don't want to ruin any of the goodness here. Needless to say there is a little something for everyone. You've got some decent gore, boobage, an odd John Waters-esque sense of humor, and a couple wonderful performances. Once the idiocy is paired away, the film essentially becomes a two person tour de force. For the next 45 minutes and in there may be 3 lines spoken. Sounds boring? It's not. It's utterly spectacular.

Watching writer/director Drew Barnhardt and lead actors Christine Haeberman and Allen Andrews transform a very run of the mill low budget slasher into a deeply effective psychological thriller is amazing. I went in hoping to be able to rip on a cheesy wanna be 70's run of the mill terrible throw back film. Instead, I came out thoroughly and  utterly impressed. It's not perfect. Some of the situations are obviously manipulated to manufacture tension (how long can a guy look out the window?) but in the end, those things can be forgiven.

Murder Lovers Killers Too is currently available to stream on Netflix.

***1/2 stars out of *****

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