Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! (2006)

An Easter themed horror film? Why the fuck not - especially when it is written and directed by sleaze master Chad Ferrin. Ferrin, the man behind the tremendously awesome dirty little films Unspeakable and The Ghouls reunites with longtime star Timothy Musketell to spin another insane, gruesome tale. This time though, the Easter Bunny isn't bringing just Cadbury eggs...he's also bringing a whole lot of pain!

Mindy (Charlotte Marie) is a single mother, raising her developmentally challenged son, Nicholas (Ricardo Gray) by herself after the unfortunate passing of Nicholas' father. She works long hours at the hospital leaving Nicholas with baby sitter Lupe. Unfortunately, Lupe and her contractor friend are not acting appropriately around Nicholas while they work around the house. There is some sunshine in Mindy's life however, that being in the person of Remington - the new man in her life.

Remington meets Nicholas' directly after robbing a liquor store and killing the clerk behind the counter. Sounds like a great guy! Wait. It get's better. Remington says all the right things to Mindy about her son, but (not so) secretly loathes him. When Mindy gets called to the hospital to work a double shift (on Easter of all days - Nicholas' favorite holiday) she decides that Remington is the best person to care for her son. Remington immediately proceeds to feed Nicholas to a child molester in exchange for drugs and cash while he runs out to pick up some hookers. The party Remington is planning never quite gets going though as an unexpected visitor arrives and folks start turning up dead.  

Needless to say, this isn't your parents Easter tale. Ferrin layers enough sleaze and reprehensible behavior throughout the film to make even the most jaded film watcher cringe at times. Challenged kids are one of the final frontiers in horror films, Ferrin almost breaks that barrier here. We are thankful he does not.

Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! (yes, it's a play on Russ Meyer's Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!) is a huge step forward for Ferrin as a filmmaker. It's fun to watch his progression, with each film he makes, he gets better and better at certain things. That being said, much like his two films before this, Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! suffers from what I've dubbed the "Chad Ferrin meandering second act." The film starts out with a bang. The first act does what it's supposed to. We know the characters, we know their motivations. We are ready for some action. Then nothing happens. Sorry, things happen, but they are drawn out to the point of boredom. Part of this has to do with the fact that the films de-facto protagonist, Nicholas, disappears for most of the second act. All we are left with is Remington's attempt to get high and get laid. Luckily, this issue of the second act drag is something that Ferrin would (almost) eliminate on his next film, the wonderful Someones Knocking At The Door.

Muskatell is leaps and bounds better than he was as an actor in his other starring roles. Again it's fun to watch someone improve as an artist. But the real acting star here is Gray as Nicholas. It can't be easy to portray a developmentally challenged person. Gray does a great job. His absence in the second act visibly hurts the film. That's all you need to know about his performance.

Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! is another step forward for writer/director Chad Ferrin. It has all the trademarks of a Ferrin film, just done a whole lot better than they had been done in his earlier films. 

*** stars out of *****

Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! is currently available for instant streaming on Netflix. Check it out. Make it an Easter tradition!

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