The Walking Dead S:3 E:9 "The Suicide King"

Well, we are back. After what seems like forever, but was really only six weeks, The Walking Dead returned with another tremendous episode : "The Suicide King."

Last time on The Walking Dead: Well I didn't write about it so I'm going from pure memory. Six week old memory mind you, so take it with a grain of salt. Maggie and Glenn were kidnapped by Merle and brought back to the Governor. He intimidates them and threatens to rape Maggie, but they still refuse to talk about the prison. Michonne meets up with Rick and Co. and tells them about Glenn and Maggies whereabouts. Rick leads an attack on Woodbury that brings Darryl face to face with his brother Merle. Rick liberates Glenn and Maggie but Darryl gets captured. The Governor decides that Darryl and Merle should fight tot the death in the arena. That takes us!

Daryl and Merle face off. Walkers are brought in to make things more interesting. Merle starts beating the shit out of Daryl, but tells him all will be cool. They start fighting the walkers. Rick leads an offensive to save Daryl and winds up rescuing Merle as well. The collateral damage leaves Woodbury pretty fucked up.

Merle wastes no time reminding Rick and Co. why they left him to die in the first place, making lesbian jokes about Andrea and Michonne. There are some questions about the relationship between The Governor and Andrea that Merle answers with all the tact of, well, Merle. Daryl wants his brother to stay with the group. Understandably everyone else objects. Rick tells Daryl he must choose - but choose wisely. Daryl chooses Merle. Rick's pissed, but not even thoughts of Carol can get Daryl to stay.

Back in Woodbury the people are pissed. Many want to leave but the Governor is nowhere to be found. Andrea tries to talk some sense into him but  he's gone slightly mad. Walkers enter the town through the hole Rick and Co. made. They take out a couple of folks and leave a dude writhing in the streets. No one knows what to do with him until the Governor appears and shoots him in the head. He quickly retreats back into his apartment, leaving Andrea to pick up the pieces and hold the town together.

Life at the prison is no easier. The group of refugees that Carl brought home appeal to Hershel to let them stay, but as we all know it's not up to him. There's some debate amongst our new friends as to whether they can take the prison in the absence of Rick. Cooler heads prevail, and everyone settles down. Rick and Co. return without Daryl, which gives Carol pause. She equates Daryl and Merles relationship to that of hers and her ex-husband, so she understands his decision even though she doesn't like it. Hershel brings Rick to the refugees who appeal to Ricks practical side. Unfortunately for them Rick might even be more crazy than the Governor at this point. He sees a ghostly vision (it's probably Lori) and starts yelling at it in front of everyone. It's not the type of action that instills confidence in a leader.

There are a few other things going on here as well. It seems Hershells youngest daughter, Beth, has taken a "shine" to Rick. Carl probably won't be too happy about that. Rick also is not convinced that the kid is his either. Is Maury Povich still alive?

Another pretty solid episode. This one started like gang busters with the fire fight, but petered out a bit at the end. Rick continues to loose it, yet everyone still looks to him. The parallel story with the Governor is just as interesting but handled a lot better.Perhaps it's because Rick seemed like such a solid guy, his decent into madness seems a bit more far fetched when compared to the Governor, who seemed halfway gone the first time he stepped on screen. I could use less of the paranormal stuff with Rick (the Ghost, the phone calls) and leave stuff firmly based in reality. As real as a zombie apocalypse can be.

That's it for this week. Have fun...stay alive.

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