The Walking Dead S:3 E:11 "I Ain't A Judas"

Last Week on The Walking Dead: Rick is still crazy. So is The Governor. Woodbury attacked the prison, but Daryl and Merle, completing his face turn, saved Ricks ass. You can read all about it and more: here.

This Week on The Walking Dead:

Inside the prison Rick is showing everyone strategery. But wait! I though Rick, Daryl and Merle were trapped outside the prison walls? Apparently they are back and it must not have bee too exciting because no one mentions it. Herschel does mention to Rick that because he's you know, crazy, he might not be the best leader. Rick's hearing none of it. Carl tries to deliver the same message only to have captain crazy eyes just stare at him.

As Ricks group falls apart The Governor decides to build an army. Finding the soldier picking rather thin, he decides everyone 13 or older should be taught to shoot regardless of mental or physical abnormalities. Two more months of this and he'll be NRA president. He promises Andrea that Rick and Co. attacked him first. She still wants to visit the prison. He threatens her. She enlists Milton to help her. Milton? Really? He's more in The Governors pocket than a handkerchief. But Andrea's never been the sharpest knife in the drawer. So here we go.

Milton and her "Michonneize" a walker. They are set upon by others but fend them off only to be discovered by the group that Rick kicked out of the prison a couple of episodes back. Milton volunteers to take them to The Governor. What a nice guy. Meanwhile Andrea leads the handicapped walker towards the prison.

Once there, to call her reception "cold" would be kind. Rick doesn't trust her. Daryl doesn't trust her and Michonne, well.... They run through the expected litany of cursory questions. Andrea learns about all the dead folks. She learns Rick killed Shane. She doesn't quite buy the circumstances. She learns The Governor shot first - well, it certainly makes more sense than Greedo. Carol lets her hold "little asskicker", so we are still running with that one I guess. Carol also tells her the best thing she can do is fuck the hell out of The Governor - then slit his throat while he sleeps. And Carol wonders why people think she's a lesbian?

Back in Woodbury, equipped with a new car, a knife and a hand gun - all thanks to Rick, Andrea goes about her mission of seducing The Governor. But not until after he meets with Milton and his refugees. They let him know that Rick isn't entirely stable. No shit. Post coitus Andrea, still nekkid, as the little redneck kids would say, slips out of the covers, grabs her knife and thinks about killing The Governor. We know she won't because he's the Governor, Ricks main antagonist for most of the series so it's a shit tease, but it's there.

Beth sings a Tom Waits song as we hit the credits. Good for her indy cred I guess, but lost on folks who don't know who the hell Tom Waits is.

Also this week: The Governor finally got his eye patch and gave us a close up of his missing eye that was pretty cool. Michonne actually spoke in compete sentences! Merle tries to apologize and NO GHOSTS!

Kind of a lot of filler this week. Perhaps knowing it was the Oscars week show, producers felt if there was any week to mail it in this would be the one. If you missed this episode entirely, you could pick up next week and be perfectly in tune with everything.

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