The Walking Dead S:3 E:10 "Home"

Last week on The Walking Dead: Rick and Co. rescued Daryl from the Governor, unfortunately - they also got saddled with Merle. The Governor is pissed and crazy - never a good combination. Andrea calms the town after the raid. Daryl chooses Merle over the group. Rick is also crazy, but not the murdering type. More like the seeing ghosts of his dead wife type. You can read all about it here.

This week on The Walking Dead:

Rick's still crazy. He chases a ghost of Lori (although we're not supposed to know that until later - it's pretty damn obvious) through the yard and out the gate. He confesses to Herschel later, that he knows she's a ghost but feels like he has to listen. Alright then.

Inside the prison Glenn's fucking pissed. Carl and him map out the cell blocks trying to find the breach. He shows his inner bad ass returning from the prison clearing - but really having no answers as how to clean everything up. Hershel is concerned that Glenn is not that great of a leader. He's right of course. Glenn - still not happy with his blood lust, wants to take out the Governor - that night. No one thinks that's a good idea. He tries to force some conversation with Maggie. Apparently he's pissed at her or something regarding the nakedness with the Governor. Turns out there was no raping - so Glenn feels a little better, Maggie not so much though. Glenn decides to go for a run by himself since no one like him.

The prison group is in shambles, but so is Woodbury. The Governor confesses to Andrea that she would be a better leader than him at this point and steps down. She makes him promise not to attack the prison. Even a blind turtle could figure out how that is going to go. He has a brief convo with Milton to make sure all his ducks are in order.

Merle and Daryl are hungry. Daryl wants to set some traps or raid some houses they found a while back. Merle wants to wait for a squirrel. Sounds like Merle hasn't been out to much recently. Merle finally relents to trying some fishing. They reach the creek, only to find some Mexicans with a baby beset upon by some walkers. Daryl wants to help. Merle calls then "beans" and of course, doesn't want to. Daryl wins and the rescue the baby and the family. Merle goes to rob them. Daryl threatens to shoot them. Me thinks the balance of power has changed. Daryl and Merle talk about leaving and fathers - turns out their dad was quite the son of a bitch. Daryl starts heading towards the prison. Merle wants to go too, but of course, there is the fact he's tried to kill everyone there. Face turn?

Andrea can't find The Governor (Gee...I wonder where he could be). Yup, at the prison. He makes his presence known by shooting Axel through the head. Which is a shame because he was just making head way getting into Carols pants. With the raid started, Rick caught on the outside, and Glenn out on a run, the prison is a sitting duck. Which would be bad if anyone, on either side could shoot the broadside of a barn. They make Cobra look like like expert marksmen. The Governor is able to shoot Axel from 400 yards away right between the eyes but can't manage to hit another living soul. The good guys don't do much better, they shoot one faceless guy in the tower. Other than that it's much ado about nothing....until a masked woman shows up driving a brad truck filled with walkers.

Rick is trapped without ammo on the outside as The Governor and his forces retreat past a returning Glenn. Walkers swarm him. It looks like this could be the end - until Daryl and Merle (face turn complete) save his ass. Glenn loads Hershel in the truck and makes his way back to the prison. Rick, Merle and Daryl are trapped on the outside looking in, separated from the prison by a field full of walkers.

End Episode.

A pretty solid episode this week. The violence took a backseat to the Daryl/Merle stuff. Merle's face turn is something I've been clamoring for for a long time. It will be interesting next week if Merle is forced to do some sort of mea culpa. There was an awesome kill where Daryl slammed the trunk on a walkers head. I wonder of that new Ford "foot opening" thing closes with enough force to crush a zombie skull?

Good stuff this week. Thank for reading. Stay Alive.

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