Odds & Ends : More Nomenclature Bullshit, Lords of Salem and AHS Season 3 Casting

Here we go another edition of everyone's favorite, dare I say, Mop Up? What the hell ever happened to that Hyatte guy anyway? Fuck it. I used Mop Up...deal with it. Today we'll take a look at some more Nomenclature Bullshit - this time for the sequel to V/H/S. We'll also look at the PR machine gearing up for Rob Zombies The Lords of Salem and some expected AHS season 3 casting news. So slap it, flip it, rub it down, and lets gets get started. Shall We?

More Nomenclature Bullshit!

A couple months ago the Bloody Disgusting announced their would be a follow up to V/H/S which, head honcho over there, Brad Miska, had a hand in producing. Let me get this out of the way, I could give two shits who produced what. If it's good, I don't care if the fucking Unibomber wrote, directed and starred in the thing. It is rather hypocritical for for other bloggers and sites to criticize Brad and Co. for dabbling in the movie business since 95% of those of us that write for these blogs is a failed or wanna be film maker (no not you, you're the exception). So kudos to Brad and co for producing a pretty damn entertaining anthology horror film. It's not perfect, but, well, read the review here.

On to the bullshit. So the sequel to V/H/S is announced as S-V/H/S. Cool title. Anyone alive in the 80's knows S-V/H/S is short for "super V/H/S" which is just a clearer "souped up" version of a standard V/H/S tape. So, S-V/H/S finds a distributor and suddenly it becomes the extremely uncool V/H/S 2. Why? Well I wasn't at the meetings (if there were any) but I'm guessing it's because, again everyone thinks you're stupid (yes, you). S-V/H/S apparently, just may be too confusing for the small niche audience that would seek out a sequel to V/H/S. Or it's another case of a guy in an office (or a girl - we don't want to be sexist here at the DW) deciding you the viewer is too stupid to comprehend that S-V/H/S may be the sequel to V/H/S. There you go more Nomenclature Bullshit.

Rob Zombies Lords Of The Hype Machine!

Apparently Rob Zombies Lords Of Salem hasn't been released yet. I'm just as surprised as you!A project that seems to have been rumored since Rob was sitting comfortably in Mr. Zombies nut sack, actually has a formal release date. That being April the 19th. So you know what that means? Hype machine time. Now despite the fact that the film has been screened at numerous film fests (to mostly mixed to negative reactions) and it being basically dumped to DVD, Anchor Bay has decided to go full steam ahead with the publicity fest. They are probably spending more on the marketing than they did on the film itself. Something strikes me as odd about this. Zombie is a household name, simply based on the Halloween remake alone. Wouldn't it behoove the studio if the film is anything resembling competent, to release to theaters? Does that say something about the film? I've not seen it. I'm not a special person, so I will wait until April like the rest of you, but it's certainly not a good sign. That being said expect more trailers, behind the scene footage, posters, interviews and whatever else you can think of leading up to April. Yay!

American Horror Story Season 3 : Casting We Already Knew!

This weeks interwebs self aggrandizement award goes to the folks who tried to make numerous news stories out of the completely expected casting of Francis Conroy and Taissa Farmiga. Farmiga had been announced weeks ago, coming on the heels of the end of season two. Creator Ryan Murphy said in season 2 wrap up interviews that he was disappointed season 2 was so dark and there was no room for her, But season 3 will take a lighter turn and she will be back. I guess they dotted the i's and crossed the t's and made a formal announcement - so let's report it again. Francis Conroy will also be back, something that really comes as no surprise. But it gave folks the chance to publish an article called "Huge AHS Casting News", have folks click on it and then have them leave extremely disappointed. Just another day floating around the Webs.

That's if for now. Don't die!

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