Odds & Ends : American Horror Story, Pinocchio, 30 Rock, etc...

Hola, and good evening. Welcome back to "Odds & Ends" our semi-regular journey through the important, semi-important and just down right unimportant horror news shit. Tonight's edition will take a look at some cool casting news, some new bullshit news reporting and a series finale 7 years in the making.

Lily Rabe joins American Horror Story Season 3

The wonderfully beautiful Lily Rabe - seriously, so hot as the possessed nun in Season 2 (how many fetishes does that one touch on?), has signed on to join many of her season 2 cast members and even a couple returning Season 1 cast members in Season 3 of Ryan Murphys hit horror series. Of course we have no idea what her role will be or what character she will be playing, but Murphy promises this season will have a lighter tone than Briarcliff. But any way you spin this adding Rabe to the cast can only be seen as good news, even by those who disliked Season 2.

Del Toros Pinocchio Dead?

In what can only be seen as another bullshit attempt by folks to try to out gun each other as far as scoops go, many media outlets took it upon themselves to declare Guillermo Del Toro's adaptation of Pinocchio dead. But not so fast there sparky. Turns out not to be true. Well it is true that Del Toros project may not see the light of dead for a while, it still is a very viable project. Not that Pinocchio is the be all and end all of existence, but folks need to settle down. Declaring a film dead based upon some vague tweets by a producer is irresponsible reporting. Even more irresponsible? Those sites that ran with the dead story but haven't made a peep about the fact that they may have jumped the gun. Kudos to the sites that did. Booourns to the sites that didn't .For those of us who just didn't give a shit? Grab a beer.

30 Rock Bows Out On A High Note

It's not a horror story, but the best comedy on network TV took it's final bow last night and went out with the dignity of a grande dame making her last turn of the ballroom. Say what you will about the ratings being shit (they were) and the show being too New York (it was), but for seven seasons week in and week out you'll be hard pressed to find a show as consistently funny. I know it's not "cool" right now to be into "30 Rock" and that's fine. It wasn't written to be "Friends" or "Home Improvement." It was specialized situational comedy that just happened to be broadcast on NBC, but could have just as easily found a home on a cable network like HBO. Yes it was that good. It WAS very New York, but so was Seinfeld. New York is the epicenter of  the world. It's a character within itself. Few other cities can set a mood and frame a thought process like New York can. LA? Maybe? it certainly did with "Entourage." But LA is not New York. So it's with a heavy heart that we say good bye to Liz, Tracy, Jenna and the rest of the gang.

With that....don't die.

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