The Town That Christmas Forgot (2013)

Franklin Guerrero returns to the world of horror with his latest outing, the short film, The Town that Christmas Forgot. It's been four years since is last outing, the inspired, yet flawed Carver. A film that had its heart in the right place, but fell apart in the final act. You can read the full review here. While that film felt forced and awkward at times, this short film finds the writer (along with Richard Finney)/director right in the wheel house.

Christmas in Halcyon Ridge, California is an anomaly. The town celebrates. Trees are cut. Ornaments are hung. Cookies are baked and milk is poured. Yet, unlike the the rest of the world.Santa never seems to visit Halcyon Ridge. Being passed over year after year is something that has not been lost on young Roxie. Despite her pleas, it appears as though this year will be no different. Until, Santa decides he's going to deliver presents to the good kids of Halcyon Ridge - no matter who he has to kill.

The Town That Christmas Forgot is a fun little post Christmas present from Guerrero and Co. It's scary. It's brutal. It's twisted. But, the operative word here is fun. The film well written and well directed, with tongue firmly planted in cheek. The Town That Christmas Forgot is a fine little film that is better than three quarters of the entries in the group of recent anthology films that have been released...and the best part?

You can watch The Town That Christmas Forgot on YouTube....For Free!

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