The Devils Carnival (2012)

I posted the teaser for 'The Devils Carnival : Episode 2' about a week ago. You can find it here, check it out, but not until after you read this. Thanks. In posting the teaser I went looking for my review for 'The Devils Carnival.' I was sure I had written one, I could even remember all the clever things I had written about it. Or could I? I searched and searched, DreadWorld, other sites I had contributed to in the past, nothing. So here we go, 'The Devils Carnival' take two, or one, I have no fucking idea anymore.

Darren Lynn Bousman works best when the loves are off. He feels a hell of a lot more at home when making a film like 'Repo: The Genetic Opera' than when he's trying to play it straight laced like the awful '11/11/11' (review here). Luckily for us 'The Devils Carnival' is Bousman playing in "batshit crazy land" once again.

'The Devils Carnival' much like it's predecessor, 'Repo' is a musical, with songs interspersed through to move the narrative forward. It also employees many of the same actors Bousman used in 'Repo'. None of this is a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with the feeling of getting the band back together. They are all here, Bill Moseley, Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Ogre, and writer Terrance Zdunich as Lucifer himself.

The familiar faces help guide, if you will, a few new faces (Jessica Lowndes, Sean Patrick Flannery, Briana Evigan) through three of Aesops most famous fairy tales. Each tale stands to act as a parable and teach each character the ultimate lesson - in Lucifers own fucked up way. Lowndes, the boy crazy ingenue meets her ultimate demise at the hands of a deceptive knife thrower. Evigan, the rich bitch thief learns that charity can be a life saver - if only she could see past the fabulous jewels to learn anything. Flannery, in the tale that ties all the rest together, is a father who, after the death of his own son, takes his own life in an attempt to be with his son. It's in dealing with Flannerys character, that Lucifer decides to shake things up a bit and tip the balance of power between heaven and hell.

Visually amazing and extremely well acted, it's hard to believe the film (although only 55 minutes) was shot in only 7 days. 'The Devils Carnival' carefully balances the sheer volume of stuff going on with a fairly simple story to create a new modern take on age old stories. Is a wonderfully crafted film that will stay with your days after its viewing.

Episode 2 has already been announced and it makes me wonder why there isn't a network out there creaming themselves to make this into a weekly show. One or two folks being sucked down to the carnival each week to deal with their mortal sins? Sounds like a new 'Twilight Zone' to me. Somebody get on it.

'The Devils Carnival' is available on DVD and streaming on Netflix as we speak. Go watch it...what else are you doing?

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