Odds & Ends : David Ellis, Dexter and Idiots...

Yesterdays Odds & Ends went over so well, let's fire this shit up again and see what happens.

- Final Destination 2 and Snakes On a Plane director David Ellis passed away suddenly yesterday. If you think I'm going to make some Ann Coulter-esque snarky comment about this you'd be wrong. Those are two pretty damn good films. FD 2 is probably the best in the series. Ellis was even brought back to end the whole thing with 'The Final Destination' and other really strong entry. Of course it wasn't the last, because, well, you know, Hollywood and money. Anyway, R.I.P. Mr. Ellis, thank you for the hours of entertainment you provided this horror fan.

- Some casting news for the hopefully final season of 'Dexter' hit the interwebs today. A couple character description are out there should any one want to be cast in the show. Head over to Bloody Disgusting to read them. Basically they are looking for folks who can figure out who the hell shot LaGuerta (spoiler, but it's like a month old you lazy bastards). I've let it be known the last season of 'Dexter' was one of my favorites. The show does need to wind things up rather than stretch it for a ninth season.

-Last, but certainly not least, a lot of heat has been coming down on the new Kevin Bacon show 'The Following' in the wake of the school shootings in Connecticut. Despite the show not having premiered yet. Yes, you read that right, the show is receiving criticism for it's violence despite the fact IT HASN'T FUCKING PREMIERED YET!  This kind of shit pisses me off to no end. If there is something you don't agree with or think you shouldn't be watching : TURN THE FUCKING TV OFF! There is plenty of shit that I don't want to watch. I have no desire to watch 'Glee', so when it's on I watch something else. It's not a difficult thing to figure out.

Now that my blood is all boiling and shit...au revoir...don't die

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