News Odds and Ends: Human Centipede 3, Godzilla, and More...

Good evening, or morning...look out the window, or at a clock. What time is it? Whatever it is, have a good one of those. There's no one big news thing going on in horror right now, but a few small ones that are making some ripples, so lets check them out.

- Director Tom Six confirmed today that 'Human Centipede 3' - no word on what sequence it will be, although wouldn't it just piss everyone off if it wasn't really "sequence" but "seqins", and the whole thing had to do with a Bedazzler run amok? -I digress. Six promises the bad guys from the first two films will be back, but playing different guys, so it's like 'American Horror Centipede'? Six also promised "a big American celebrity will be appearing in the film. Hmmm, German director, big American celebrity...can only mean one thing :

- Also today, it seems the remake of Godzilla is undergoing some changes. Just weeks away from filming, Frank Darabont is being brought in to retool the script. I love me some Frank Darabont, but bitch please, you need two things to make an awesome Godzilla film : 1. a man in a rubber suit destroying entire Japanese villages and 2. Keep Mathew Broderick away. I like Ferris Beuller as much as the next guy, but if I see him anywhere near anything even resembling a Godzilla film again, I swear to go I will drive over to his house and punch that horse faced wife of his in her chin so hard when she wakes up she'll look like....well Mathew Broderick.

- Finally, this is actually from yesterday, but it's my damn site, if you don't like it go make you own. It's not that difficult. Seriously, I'm borderline retarded and I built this mess. Back to the point, yesterday the producers of the 'Evil Dead' remake came out and said that there is absolutely no CG in the upcoming film. People seem to really dig that, I know I got half a chubby when I read it, so let's hope they aren't lying out their asses on this one because if it's true, that's pretty damn cool.

That's all I've got for now...until tomorrow - don't die.

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