New 'Pacific Rim' Trailer!

Count me in as one of those very excited for Guillermo Del Toros next directing project. But while I'm fully on board with 'Pacific Rim', many are not. I watched the theatrical preview with differing audiences three times and the overall feeling- apathy. Now there could have been a few reasons for that, first and foremost, it was the last trailer before the film (The Hobbit - all three times, if you must know) and as we all know most people are trailered out by the time the film starts. The other is the fact it followed what seemed like 50 other big budget post-apocalyptic files, there was the Tom Cruise one, the Will Smith one and on and on, so I get what most people were feeling.

Today at the Consumer Electronics Show, a second 'Pacific Rim' trailer appeared. It's not much different from the first, a couple more action sequences it looks like, but what the hell do I know, anyway, check it out:

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