Evil Dead News : Ratings, Cameos etc...

The hype machine for the Evil Dead re-make is set on full on face fuck. Not a day goes by without some little nugget about the film being disseminated to and digested by the ever fickle horror loving public. So lest take a look at a few of the latest:

Sources from within the film voiced their displeasure over receiving an NC-17 rating from the MPAA. Normally this would doom a film to direct to DVD and some small independent theaters. However, it really is much ado about nothing. Being a film from a major studio, you know the film makers would make the necessary cuts for an "R" rating. Hence yesterday, it was announced that the second pass of the film had received said "R" rating. It's really no surprise after all the more folks that can see a film = more $$$.

That being said, people need to calm the fuck down about the ratings change. Films can still show plenty of blood, guts and gore in a n "R" rated film. Shit, horror fans used to bitch about PG-13 horror. Now they are going to start bitching about "R" rated films. Fuck it. Just enjoy the film. There are some great PG-13 rated horror films and some great "R" rated horror films. It's about content not a stupid fucking letter/number combination. Get over yourselves.

Also, despite being rather clear early in the process about his involvement, I guess enough house bound agoraphobes were giving Bruce Campbell a hard time so he needed to clarify. He is simple a producer, he is not going to be in the film, no comeo, no nothing. So folks need to settle down.

Finally, according to Mr. Campbell himself, the film looks to have had it release date pushed up a solid week, Which is pretty cool news for those of us who really want to see the film. For those who just can't wait to bitch about it? The film still opens on it's regularly scheduled date. Look for the Evil Dead remake to hit theaters on April 5th this year.

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