Entertainment Weekly Interview with Lily Rabe

Entertainment Weekly has a pretty solid pipeline to the 'American Horror Story' camp and we are all better for it! Yesterday we threw up a piece from Tim Stack with series creator Ryan Murphy, today we get this little nugget from Mr. Stack - an interview with the lovely Lily Rabe.

Here's an excerpt from that interview. Follow the link at the bottom to the rest of the piece. Huge spoiler warning though, so beware...

Byron Cohen/FX
Lily Rabe gave a tour-de-force performance this season on American Horror Story: Asylum as Sister Mary Eunice, a simple nun possessed by the devil. Funny and frightening, Mary Eunice sadly said goodbye last night after being thrown off the asylum staircase by Monsignor O’Hara (Joseph Fiennes). EW talked with Rabe, who played original house owner (and infantata mama) Nora in the first season of AHS, about her character’s death last night, the relationship with Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) and whether she’d sign up for American Horror Story season 3.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you always knew Sister Mary Eunice would die?
Well, it’s sort of part of being on this show is you know sort of toward the end of this season there’s a high likelihood that’s gonna happen. Then I did know when that was going to happen as things moved along. It wasn’t toward later I knew when and how because it wasn’t all known early on.

And Ryan said you did some of your own stunts when Joseph Fiennes threw you off the ledge!
I did them all! I worked with this incredible stunt double on a couple of things and she was able to work on this job. I had never done wires before. She did some incredible stuff too but I was able to do the whole thing. I was able to do the throw and the fall.

 Check out the rest of the interview here.

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