Dexter Season 8 Casts Up

After it's best season in years, Showtime announced that Dexter would be coming back in June rather than it's usual September run. this meant a couple of things. First, the wait to see the fallout from Deb shooting LaGuerta (it's almost two months fuck spoilers) will be much shorter. Second the rush to cast up before shooting begins will be fast and furious. It all began today with a couple of big time casting announcements.

Sean Patrick Flanery, yup, Young Indiana Jones himself, will be joining the cast as a, ex-cop turned private investigator. Perhaps brought in by Angel when Deb stonewalls the LaGuerta murder case?

Also joining the cast will be veteran British actress, Charlotte Rampling, who apparently was in The Avengers, which is cool. Rampling will play a neuro-psychatrist who specializes in working with young psychopaths. Sounds fun!

Season 8 of Dexter may or may not be the last. It will premiere this coming June.

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