Out There (2012)

There are many reasons we don't cover many short films here at the DW. First and foremost it's hard to get an entertaining, yet informative review out of 10 to 15 minutes of shot footage. Secondly, in all honestly, a lot of short films suck. Of those that suck, the majority are just folks trying to open some doors and improve their craft, it's not really fair to subject those well meaning folks to the cold hearted snark that can permeate these reviews. The last thing we want to do is discourage folks from making films - except Micheal Bay. I would give my left nut to stop that dude from making films. That being said, it takes a special short film to get the full DW coverage and 'Out There' is certainly a special short film.

Robert (Conor Maren) wakes up alone and bloody in the middle of a desolate Irish forest. Not remembering a thing, he begins to search for an explanation for his condition. Slowly his memory returns. He has a girlfriend. She is pregnant. He's excited. The phones are out. Not finding any answers, he becomes spooked while investigating an old farm house. Confused, he decides to go back to the beginning, only to find his answers waiting for him.

Directed by Randal Plunkett (Walt) and written by Randall and Oliver Plunkett, 'Out There' is that special  type of short film. It's well written, well acted, and very well directed. There is virtually nothing snark worthy about the film. There is a twist that is completely natural yet jarring and disturbing all at the same.

Plunkett stated that he plans on using the short as a jumping off point for a full length feature film next year. Sounds great to us here at DW!

Check out the trailer for the short above.

For more info head over to the Dunsany Productions site.

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