First clip from 'American Mary'!

'American Mary' made the festival circuit here int he U.S. late in 2012 and is apparently really fucking good if everyones year end lists are to be believed. Not being part of the festival "in crowd", I have yet to see the film, but do plan on on picking it up once it hits Blu Ray here on January 21st.

Having Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps) as your star certainly doesn't hurt you weird indy movie cred. She's a fine actress and one of those chicks whose attractive enough, but not Mila Kunis attractive where you think "there is no way that girl will ever talk to me." You look at her and think "Hey, I may have a shot." I digress...take a look at he first clip:

'American Mary' hits Blu Ray and DVD in the states on January 21st. You lucky bastards over in the UK can catch it on January 11th.

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