Devils Carnival : Episode 2 Teaser!

I am firmly of the belief that DLB (Darren Lynn Bousman for those of you not in the know) is a much better creative force when doing whatever the hell he wants. The more bat shit crazy the better. His best films ('Repo : The Genetic Opera' and 'The Devils Carnival') are genre bending mind fucks that, although not perfect, are fun, fucked up fairy tales. When Bousman tries to play it straight ('11/11/11' and 'The Barrens') it feels like he loses some of the balls out insanity that makes DLB DLB. Not that those are awful films, 'The Barrens is actually quite good, I just feel DLB feels more at home in the craziness than the real world.

That little rant leads us to a little surprise that hit the interwebs earlier today. Little less than a year after touring the country with 'The Devils Carnival', Bousman is back with 'The Devils Carnival : Episode 2'. Check out the teaser trailer below:

Expect the full trailer next month!

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