The Walking Dead S:3 E:7 "When The Dead Come Knocking"

Alright good folks. Here we are again, another week, another great episode.

Full confession time: I usually watch these things and take some notes as I do, unfortunately this week I was unable to do so. I will try to recap the best I can, but this may turn into more of a summation than anything else. If I miss things because my memory has gone the way of the Dodo, I sincerely apologize.

Last Week: Merle kidnapped Glenn and Maggie. The Governor finally fucked Andrea. Rick got a phone call from his dead wife and Michonne discovered the prison. There you go, I just saved you and hour.

Merle interrogates Glenn. It doesn't go well for either of them, meaning Merle learns nothing and Glenn gets the shit beat out of him. Maggie can hear everything in the next room. She's rightfully upset. Glenn threatens Merle saying everyone is coming to get him. He lists all the tough people in the group - alive or dead. He mentions that Andrea is still with the group. Merle knows he's full of shit. He also manages to get in one last "spear chucker" comment about T-Dogg. Stay classy Merle, stay classy. He leaves Glenn, duct taped to a chair, alone with a loose walker. Glenn survive, but by the skin of his teeth. 

Rick spots Michonne. Carl wants to help her, but the walkers begin to smell the blood from her gunshot and turn on her. She takes a few of them down before they over whelm her. Carl and Rick save her from the walkers and take her inside the prison. Daryl brings Carol out to everyone. Much happiness ensues.

Merle gives The Governor an update on Glenn. We get a quick shot of Andreas thonged ass, which is nice. So nice the Governor gives her a task - help out scientist guy in his lab. One of Woodburys elderly citizens has donated himself in  the name of science. The scientist, Milton, is trying to figure out if the walkers have any recollection of their previous lives. We all know the answer to that. Long story short, Andrea has to stab the poor old guy through the top of the head.

Michonne, in what is a surprise to, well, absolutely no one isn't exactly forthcoming with information. Eventually, she tells Rick that Glenn and Maggie were kidnapped, she doesn't say by who though. She tells of Woodbury. Rick hatches a plan. The B-Squad (Axel, Beth and Carl) volunteer to go with him. Rick instead chooses Michonne, Oscar and Daryl. Good choice Rick. Something tells me Oscar isn't long for this world though. He seems like that extra crew member from Star Trek who would beam down with Kirk, Spock, and Chekov. That guy never makes it. Carl and rick decide the baby can't be named "Asskicker" and go with Judith, which is a fine King Diamond album but a pretty shitty baby name if you ask me.

The Governor, unhappy with Merles progress decides to pay Maggie a visit. He tries to lay on the Mr. Nice Guy act, but Maggie ain't Andrea, so she's no buying it. Frustrated, The Governor forces Maggie to take off her shirt. Then her bra. Then he bends her over the table. [Sidebar: I have made my love of Lauren Cohan well known on this site over the last couple of years, but I will say, sadly this was not attractive in the least. Not because she isn't gorgeous, but The Governor was so distasteful, any titillation was wiped clean] She tells him just to get the raping over with, but The Governor doesn't go through with it. He brings Glenn in and he and Maggie are reunited. The Governor threatens to shoot Glenn, so Maggie tells them of the prison. He doesn't believe he, strictly because Merle told him the prison was over run. Maggie swears it's true as Rick and his group take off for Woodbury.

The End.

Another really good episode. I think Carols return kind of got short changed. I could use less Michonne at this point. I get it she's a tough bitch, but would a smile kill her? Next week is the fall finale (when did that become a thing?) and it's obvious they are building to a Merle/Daryl confrontation. I'm pretty sure where Daryls loyalties lie - with Rick. I'm not so sure with Merle, the show has done a great job of planting little seeds of discontent between him and The Governor. especially when it comes to Daryl. Count me in as one of the guys rooting for a Merle Darth Vader-esque face turn. Although good guy Merle is a hell of a lot more boring than evil Merle, it would be a "huge mark out moment" if Merle were to turn.

That's it for this week. As always thanks for reading. Stay alive.

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