The Walking Dead S:3 E:6 "Hounded"

Previously on...'The Walking Dead'...let me explain. No there is too much, let me sum up. Actually just read this and this and you should be fine.

Merle and some Woodbury guys are out hunting, but for what? Well if you have half a brain you know it's Michonne. They fail to heed some cryptic warnings and meet with some unpleasantness courtesy of the lovely Ms. Chonne.

Welcome to : THE OPENING CREDIT SEQUENCE!!! It's no Game of Thrones, but it serves its purpose.

Ricks phone is ringing. It's a chick on the other end. She doesn't want to answer a lot of questions. Then really whats the point of her calling. I'm telling you  - women. Right guys. Guys? She tells Rick there are others, but she's not sure Ricks group would be welcome. She'll call back in two hours. Good to know that even during the zombie apocalypse people still have good phone etiquette.

Rick showers and shaves (off camera) before checking in on the group. Seeing they are fine, it's time to go back to the phone. Jesus he's like a 15 year old girl waiting for some boy to call. Ricks phone eventually rings again. It's a guy. He wants some details on the folks Rick has killed. Rick doesn't want to talk about it but does. The guy asks about how his wife dies. Rick won't talk, so the dude hangs up on him.

The surrounding walkers figure this is a good time to attack Merle and his group - they would be right. Merle shoots Michonne in the leg. She limps off. Merles surviving companion grows a set and wants to chase her. Merle has other ideas and shoots him in the head. Michonne escapes and realizes that because she is covered in walker blood they can't detect her. You would think someone would have discovered this by now.

Meanwhile back in Woodbury, Andrea somehow justifies the arena battle to herself. her and the governor are getting along famously. She wants to help on the wall. The Gov sets her up with a very type A archer who is a lot better looking than she is at archery. Andrea has enough of watching this chick try and shoot an arrow and leaps off the wall to kill a walker, or I guess they would be "biters" now that she is in Woodbury. The Governor is not too happy about this, but that doesn't stop him from fucking her. We get a half naked Laurie Holden here, it's not Lauren Cohen but it'll do for now.

Herschel seeks Rick out. Rick tells him about the phone. Herschel listens to the phone - no dial tone. he suspects Rick might be "a little off" but says nothing. That's awful nice of him. He leaves. The phone rings again, it's the chick again. She knows Ricks name. rick still doesn't want to talk about his wife.

Daryl, Carl, and Oscar move deeper into the prison. Carl and Daryl share a moment where they talk about how their mom dies. Daryls died in fire, Carl shot his in the face. Point Carl. Oscar discovers some slippers. Good for him. A walker attacks them, they kill it but Daryl notices Carols knife in its neck.

Maggie and Glenn run into town for some supplies. They make out a little. Michonne wanders into the same town and witnesses their public display of affection. They raid the store, only to be caught by Merle. Michonne watches Merle kidnap both Glenn and Maggie but does nothing. Jesus, I hate PDA as well, but help a brother out. Merle interrupts "sex time with The Governor" to tell him that Mishonne is dead and he has two prisoners. Interestingly "Sex Time With the Governor" was also the name of Bill Clintons weekly radio broadcast when he was governor of Arkansas.

Rick gets yet another call - it's the chick. He's gotten more calls from women in this episode than I got all through high school. Turns out this chick is Lori and Ricks gone a little crazy. He has a complete weepy conversation with his deceased wife, telling her he's sorry and the whole lot. Women, even making you apologize after their dead. Am I right guys? Guys? Tough room. He returns to the group and hold his baby for the first time. Good for him.

Daryl is beside himself with anger because there was a chance he could have saved Carol. He looks to take his anger out on a couple walkers trapped in a freezer or something, only to find Carol - very much alive banging on the door on the inside. He picks her up and carries her to safety. Fuck 'The Bodyguard' this is the best carry out ever, and Mister Joshua gets a little misty eyed.

Rick puts the baby down, 45 seconds is all the love you are going to get out of him. Time for that kid (is it still named "Kick Ass"?) to get a job. He spots something funny over by the fence, not 'Caddyshack' funny more like odd funny. Running over he sees Michonne banging on the fence in the middle of a bunch of walkers.

End episode.

It's rare when a show is hitting on all cylinders like this. I wasn't a fan of the 'Frequency'-esque phone subplot. Nor am I fan of the Governor/Andrea thing. I like The Governor, I guess it's just Andrea I can't take. She's one of those people that think she has everything figured out, but only thinks that because she is too stupid to know any different. Either that or she is the smartest person on the show. I hate her for that too then. Regardless, the show as a whole is as good as anything on television right now. The folks behind the show couldn't shout loud enough during the depths of the farm doldrums last year, that we had to wait until the group got to the prison. Boy were they right.

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