The Walking Dead S:3 E:5 "Say The Word"

Previously on "The Walking Dead" - Last week was bat shit crazy. Two, maybe three people, joined the great zombie apocalypse in the sky. Read all about it here. So buckle up folks 'cause here we go!

Woodbury seems like a fine place. Look there's even a dog! How fun. Michonne continues to brood. For you comic fans out there - does this ever stop? It's really getting old. Up in his place, the Governor is brushing a little girls hair, how sweet. Then a chunk falls out. Yikes, Rogaine can't fix that! The little girl is a walker...and his daughter. I know this is supposed to be disturbing, but I can see this a a rather natural reaction. I won't get into the psychology of it because we get ...The Opening Credit Sequence!

Which brings us to the prison where Rick has completely lost it. Freaking out, he grabs an axe and heads into the prison to exact revenge/blow off a little steam. The rest of the group realizes they have an infant to care for and they need things like food and diapers and stuff. You would think they had 9 months to figure this stuff out. So Daryl and Maggie head off to find baby stuff.

Woodbury is having a celebration tonight. The Governor details the groups struggles to a large crowd. Michonne broods (I could just cut an paste this for every Woodbury scene). She decides standing around looking pissed is boring so she breaks into the Governors place, steals her sword and does some investigating. She finds his diary, it seems the Governor has gone a tad bit crazy. She sneaks out the window after almost being caught and discovers a group of caged walkers. She frees them then kills them. I'm not sure how this is any better. Of course she gets caught, leading to ...conflict! The Governor wants her to stay, she threatens to kill him, holding her sword to his throat. Andrea wants to stay, Michonne says no dice. They go to leave. Merle lets them. Andrea calls Michonnes bluff and won't go. Michonne gives Andrea a bitchy remark as she walks past her out the door.

Glenn is digging graves for the dearly departed. Axel and Oscar offer to help. Glenn takes Ricks lead and acts like a dick to them before telling them to dig the rest of the grave. He tells Herchel they should have killed all the prisoners as soon as they found them. Nice. Realizing Rick is still MIA, Glenn goes looking for him. Eventually finding him, he tries to snap Rick back to reality. Ricks having none of that though. He attacks Glenn before storming off.

Maggie and Daryl find a school. They break in through a window rather than using the door. Luckily the school has both bottles and formula. They also have a possum on the closet. Daryl shoots it and is looking forward to eating if for dinner later. Maggie will be having none of that. It's worth noting that Lauren Cohen is ridiculously hot in this episode, even more so than regularly. Prison life is treating her well, sadly with no other capable females left we won't get a 'Caged Heat' episode this season.

The Governor and Andrea continue to eye fuck each other. He escorts her to tonight's festivities. A battle to the death between Merle and Ceaser (some other guy) in a ring surrounded by walkers (or biters as they are called in Woodbury). Andrea is disgusted...but it turns out its fake. It's all staged. No teeth in the biters. This does little to comfort Andrea, who begins to wonder if she's make the wrong decison in staying.

Rick finds the room Lori died in, but no Lori. Is she alive? No, worse. She's been eaten by a walker. That walker took the wrong time to rest after a meal. Rick stabs the fuck out of the walkers distended stomach, taking out his frustration with both Lori and his anger at the walker all at once. Then a phone rings. What? Yup. For some reason there is a phone in that room and it's ringing. Rick answers and...end episode. Oh "Walking Dead" you little tease...

Another solid episode this week. Still no answers regarding Carol. We are supposed to think she's dead. Hell, Daryl puts a flower on her grave. But this isn't the type of show where someone just dies off screen, so me thinks something else is going on. They do suggest some names for the kid, sadly I don't think Daryls suggestion of "asskicker" is going to stick. Of course, the big thing this episode was the phone call. Who is on the other end, if anyone? Did the phone really ring, or is Rick really that crazy at this point? Tune in next week to find out.

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