The Walking Dead S:3 E:4 'The Killer Within"

Last week...was rather "talky" and boring but two weeks ago Rick went all 'Natural Born Killers' and fucked up a lot of dudes.

Someone drags a dead deer into the prison. This excites the walkers. The unseen person opens one of the gate. The walkers come rushing in...that doesn't seem like a good idea, but what do I know. We get the dreaded OPENING CREDIT SEQUENCE. Thankfully it doesn't spoil any debuts or returns (unlike last week - I shake my fist at last weeks credits).

Outside of the prison Rick, T-Dogg, Darryl and Carol are taking care of some business, o.k. they are moving cars around, but that sounds kind of boring so....They realize that Glenn and Maggie have taken to the guard tower to play "hide the bishop" one more time. They razz them a little and everyone has a chuckle. Ahhh levity. You know that feeling - don't get used to it.

Rick takes this happy moment to start acting like a dick to Axel and Oscar - denying them any sort of hospitality, forcing them to either return to their cell block or get out of the prison. Choosing the later Rick gives them what he says is a weeks worth of food, but it looks more like a 20 piece McNugget. T-Dogg tries to call Rick on his bullshit, but no one else backs him up, and frankly watching Rick go nuts a couple of weeks ago, who can blame them.

Meanwhile, over in Woodbury. Andrea continues to throw herself at the Governor, but he plays coy. Alas, none of them go home sexually satisfied. Michonne decides she's seen enough of this shit, and she's pretty sure the Governors men killed those guardsmen, so it's time to leave. Andrea tries to delay her a couple of days, and they have words. I take the time to make sure I'm not watching Lifetime. Andrea tells Merle where the farm is, Merle asks Andrea why they never fucked.Stay classy Merle. He tells the Governor he wants to go look for Darryl. He's told no, but something tells me "no" is not a word that Merle takes lightly. He's very much like my dog in that way. That and the racism, both are huge racists.

Back to the meat and potatoes of the episode. Rick and the guys are still trying to figure out the car situation. Jesus, it's not that hard, it's not like they have alternate side of the street parking rules to follow. Hershel wakes up ad starts using his crutches. He heads outside for some sun and to show off his killer ponytail. Lori and Rick share a look - then the walkers attack.

Totally taken by surprise, the group scatters. Carol and T-Dogg head into the prison. It doesn't work out well for them. T-Dogg gets bitten, but before he goes down he takes out a shitload of walkers, giving Carol time to escape. Or does she. Her ending is left rather open ended. Rick and the guys start mowing down the walkers. Andrew (who?), the guy who Rick locked outside two episodes ago, reveals himself as the guy who opened the prison. Oscar guns him down in a show of loyalty to Rick.

Lori decides now would be the perfect time to deliver a baby. Irony is, it's the absolute worst time to deliver a baby (thanks Alanis, now back to Canada). With only Maggie and Carl to help her things do not go well. She starts to bleed, so traditional birth is out. Maggie is forced to literally cut the baby out of her, and yes, it's shown in all it's glory. Lori knows the procedure will kill her. She has a heart to heart with Carl, who seems to understand. It's not just that his mother is dieing before his eyes, it's the fact that well, no one really stays dead and he's going to have to be the one that takes care of that situation. After a couple of trepidatious  moments, the baby starts to breathe, unfortunately Lori stops breathing. Maggie takes the baby abd heads for the door, she stops as a gun shot rings out behind her.

Having cleared the walkers the group is taking stock of themselves when Rick hears a baby cry. He spins around but doesn't see Lori. Grasping the situation he goes to comfort Carl only to collapse under his own grief. End episode.

Zack Galligan of 'Gremlins' fame put it best in a tweet after the episode "best episode of the show - hands down" and he's right. Everything this show is supposed to be was packaged nice and tight in this episode. T-Doggs death was unsettling, but Lori death is down right shocking. I have said for the last few years that the two best episodes of television I've ever seen are 'Dexter' season 4, the thanksgiving episode and Season two Episode 9 of 'Game of Thrones'. This episode deserves to be ranked right up there with them. One of the best I've ever seen. if you haven't seen it yet please, dear god, do yourself a favor and see it.

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