In Fear Of... (2012)

'In Fear Of...' is a new web series from the good folks over at Slick Devil Entertainment described as "a web based anthology horror series of six short films, all dealing with phobias. Directed by Scott W. Perry (INSATIABLE, SOMETHING JUST), Jeremiah Kipp (THE POD, CONTACT), and Mike Polizzi (DEAD DRUNK), In Fear Of features genre staples Debbie Rochon, Suzi Lorraine, and Raine Brown." The series will premiered this past Halloween and continues to be available for your perusal.

Episode 1 : In Fear Of : Monophobia - Fear Of Being Alone

Starring legendary scream queen Debbie Rochon, 'Monophobia' tells the tale of a woman (Rochon) who just can't live alone. After her dinner date takes a nefarious turn, she does what she has to do to insure that (at least for the time being) she won't be alone.

A creepy dark comedy co-written by Rochon herself, Monophobia is easily the funniest (in a sick twisted way) of any of the shorts. Being the longest of the shorts also gives the story time to grow and develop. It's the most satisfying of the shorts and a great way to start off the series. The full short can be found here: Monophobia.

Episode 2: In Fear Of : Podophbia - Fear Of Feet

The most brutal and honestly horrific of all the shorts, Podophobia stands in stark contrast to the opening salvo of the collection. There's nothing tongue and cheek about his one! Xiomara Cintron stars as a woman pushed to the brink when foreplay awakes a horrific childhood memory.  It's extremely dark and unnerving watching those memories begin to flood back to her. The full episode can be seen here: Podophobia.

Episode 3: In Fear Of : Selenophobia - Fear Of The Moon

A cautionary tale of why you should never go in the woods! Louisa Ward stars as a woman whose late night walk goes horribly wrong. Her husband, played by Mike Lane, is forced to make the hardest of all decisions as the moon rises. Despite being a tad slow and predictable, Selenophobia is extremely interestingly visually. Lane and Ward do terrific jobs with their anguish, making the final frames heartbreaking. The full episode can be seen here: Selenophobia .

Episode 4: In Fear Of : Thantophobia - Fear Of Death

Written and directed by Scott Perry and starring Suzi Lorraine and Damien Colletti as the hard partying couple from hell. Thantophobia comes straight from the 'Twilight Zone' - and that's not a bad thing. When Lorraine wakes up alone in a cemetery, confused and looking for answers she encounters her boyfriend and soon realizes things are not as they should be. The full episode can be seen here: Thantophobia.

Episode 5: In Fear Of : Apehephobia - Fear of being Touched

Straight form the Dario Argento school of bat shit weird over substance comes Apehephobia. Kelly Rae LeGault stars as a woman whose nightmares include nothing but a bunch of hands reaching for her, trying to touch her. Visually, the short, written and directed by Jeremiah Kipp is tremendous. Story wise, well, there's not much going on here, which as someone who doesn't like being touched, especially by strangers, is a  bit disappointing. The full episode can be seen here: Apehephobia.

Episode 6: In Fear Of : Achluphobia - Fear of The Dark

Raine Browne is home alone during a blackout, surrounded by lit candles that give her comfort. But what happens when those candles begin to go out - one by one. Probably the "straightest" horror short on the list. It's certainly the one film that makes me want to find out what happens after the last frame. The full episode can be seen here : Achluphobia.

I want to thank the good folks over at Slick Devil Entertainment for keying me in to their work and really fucking with my spell check (I don't think I've ever seen that much red!). Head on over to and check out what else they have going on.

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  1. This is a great and very cool series indeed! Love the All-Star cast too!