Girls Gone Dead (2012)

Sometimes you put your thinking cap on and head to the theaters to see 'Lincoln'. You learn something new, maybe you become a better person in the process. Then there are those other times where you hit the "select" button on the remote to purchase 'Girls Gone Dead' from your Video On Demand Service. Today was one of those days.

Rebecca (Katie Peterson) is a tightly wound religious girl just waiting to break out from her mothers 'Carrie' like yoke. She sees a spring break reunion with her high school cheer squad as the perfect opportunity to do so. While indulging in some of the more forbidden things in life Rebecca and her friends begin to be stalked by a nasty serial killer. The girls meet up with a third rate 'Girls Gone Wild' production crew and of course hit it off with the guys. The party continues as the body count rises.

When purchasing a film like 'Girls Gone Dead' you know exactly what to expect. Boobs, bad acting, some gore, more bad acting. It's rather naive to think you are going to get anything else from a film whose all star cast includes two members of Howard Sterns entourage. Yup, Beetlejuice and Sal the Stockbroker have extended cameos in the film, as do WWE legend Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Porn legend Ron Jeremy. Round out the main cast with actors whose main roles have been in, lets say, well lets call a spade a spade here, hardcore pornography (Ryan Keely, Jennifer Worthington) or don't have pictures up on IMDB and you get what you get.

'Girls Gone Dead' does nothing if not wear it's heart on it's sleeve. For a C-Movie acting like a D-Movie it's not that bad. The gore is rather copious and well done, particularly for a film of this size. There are generally funny lines and it's competently written. It's 15 minutes too long and the twist/reveal is something Stevie Wonder could call in the first reel, but you really can't expect 'Citizen Kane' when you purchase 'Girls Gone Dead'.

If B-Movies are your thing, then you will enjoy this. If your head hurts from trying to follow M.Night Shayamalans latest disaster - this may be the cure for your headache. If you want to down a 12 pack and stare at a lot of tits, well here you go! Bottom line, it is what it is. You'll get a plethora of Skinemax tits, some funny lines, a couple cool cameos (Nikko McBrain - Country singer?) and a decent showing of gore.

**1/2 out of  *****

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