Flipping The Script - "The Victim"

Have you ever watched a film and said to yourself, this could really be a cool movie "if"? Or said it's a really good flick "but"? Well "Flipping the Script" will take a look at all the "ifs and buts" and try to pinpoint where certain films went wrong and what could be have been done to fix such issues. Pretentious? Sure. But you're here reading so...lets give it a shot -

The first, um, victim of Flipping the Script will be none other than 'The Victim' itself. The 2011/2012 release from the good folks over at Blanc/Biehn productions was heralded as a throwback to the grind house days of cinema. I felt, despite having it's heart in the right place, it fell a bit short. You can read all about it here. So what could have been done differently? Let's take a look at the preview:

First things first, if you haven't seen the film go do so, the column will still be here when you are done. It's available almost everywhere and on most VOD services as well, so there's no excuse for not seeing it....O.k. are we good? Let's get started then:

The film starts out flawed from the beginning. The first real scene in the film is Halloween girl herself Danielle Harris bent over a rock taking it from behind. Which is fine. Shocking. A great way to open a grind house pic. Except it's the most shocking thing in the film. 'The Victim' literally shoots it's wad withing 3 minutes of the credit rolling. The other thing that it does is set the expectations unbelievably high. When Danielle Harris getting fucked is one of the first images you see in the film, you have set some pretty high expectations for what needs to come after. So rather than open with that scene, it might have been more prudent to start somewhere else.

Start with Jennifer Blanc's Annie running through the woods - screaming, crying, begging an unseen assailant for her life. Have her looking very worse for the wear - she's been through some shit. She literally runs into Kyle. We hit our first flashback. Which should be the scene where Mary and Annie discuss the rash of missing girls in the area. This should lead right into the discussion about whether Annie is going to go with Mary on her "date". Mary can use the "safety" issue as the catalyst for Annies tagging along. Leave the cocaine stuff in as well. It's important to establish the fact that neither one of these girls are angels and to cast some doubt on Annies story as she retells it to Kyle later.

Annie is inside Kyles cabin. She's looking very similar to when she was running through the woods, but something is off. Bad film making? Or something else? Annie begins to recount her story- not quite getting to Harris' fate - when they are interrupted by the porn star mustached cops. Kyle runs the cops off and acquiesces to helping Annie find Marys body. On the drive Annie finishes her story - ending with Mary getting her neck snapped, which happens right in front of Annie. This is important, first - it reenforces that these are not the type of girls you take home to mother. Second, it maintains Annies perspective, and justifies her outrage and shock even more. She knows exactly what these cops did to her friend, she watched it happen. As the pull up to the spot, they run into the cops again trying to bury the body. Annie knocks out one of them (she thinks he's dead) while Kyle abducts the other rendering him unconscious in the process. They take him back to the cabin.

The cop at the cabin wakes up. Kyle tortures him wanting the cop to tell him where Marys body is. But some of his questions are strange. They seem more about him than the location of Marys body, but it could just be in the heat of the moment. Cop one refuses to talk. Second cop busts in giving first cop a chance to fight back. Freeing himself he and Kyle fight. Annie lures second cop outside where she attempts to seduce him. Similar to the actual film she starts going down on him, but this time she rips his balls off (it is a grind house pic!). He's left to die, blood gushing from his crotch.

She runs back inside to find Kyle sadistically torturing the first cop. Stopping him, they kiss, bloody mouth to bloody mouth. He fucks her, angrily in front of the dying first cop. They knock a bunch of newspaper clippings and missing girl posters on to the floor - Annie doesn't notice. After it's over, Kyle, very calm now, asks the cop to show them where the body is. He agrees. The head back out out to the woods. The cop shows them the body. Kyle immediately plunges a hunting knife through the cops skull.

After finding the body, Annie and Kyle have the same conversation as in the original film - just like the first scene in the film, which is brilliant. She learns Kyles secret and takes off running through the woods - start credits.

So what do you folks think? Thoughts? If you've seen the film - what would you do? Did you like the column? Let me know!

As always - thanks for reading!

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