The Walking Dead S:3 E:3 "Walk With Me"

Last Week...well nothing from last week matters, so we go ALL THE WAY BACK to season one when Rick handcuffed Merle to the roof of that building only to return later and find him missing. We also get a snap shot of Michonnes discovery of Andrea.

We are joined in progress as a helicopter pilot assures his crew that they will be safe, only to crash seconds later ("isn't it ironic - don't you think?" - Thanks Alanis - now go back to Canada). We get  - The Opening Credits!! All surprises are ruined when Michael Rooker and David Morriseys names appear with the normal cast. I hate when shows do that. Especially with the Rook, fans have been waiting for Merle to return for the better part of two seasons, at least hold off spoiling it for one episode. Anyway...

Andrea and Michonne investigate the plume of black smoke, only to discover they are not alone in their curiosity. Several men arrive and clear out the walkers from the area. The leader of the group stabs two of the crash victims who have turned in the heads. Michonnes pets start getting agitated, so she kills them quickly as to avoid suspicion. The men begin to leave when Andrea recognizes the voice behind her. It's good old Merle - and he recognizes her too.

Andrea and Michonne are introduced to Woodbury and it's leader "The Governor." A full fledged working community of 75 or so, it seems like the perfect place to ride out the zombie apocalypse. Andrea certainly buys into it. Michonnes not sold. She demands her weapons and answers. She's pretty pissed about The Governor stabbing those guys in the head. He explains himself adequately enough and Andrea looks like she wants to blow him right there. Settle down little minx, nothing wrong with a little hard to get. Although Michonne isn't the most emotionally giving person, so maybe Andreas just happy someone is actually nice to her after 8 months of silence and one word answers.

Turns out, the pilot of the copter lived and is more than willing to tell this complete stranger where the rest of his friends are. The Governor pulls up to the rag tag remnants of the national guard outfit in his Honda Civic (THE car for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse by the way). He makes nicey nice before ordering his men to open fire - taking out the entire brigade. It's a little tough to watch the men in uniform get gunned down like that, and I have to wonder if AMC didn't question that decision. Now I have not read the comics, or graphic novels - if that makes you feel better, and if this is taken from there, then kudos to AMC for sticking with the source material. If not, there has to be a better way to prove The Governor is an asshole, no?

Back in Woodbury, The Governor lies and says all the national guardsmen had been eaten, but they were able to rescue the supplies. Andrea practically has a wet spot between her legs while admiring him. Michonne still doesn't trust him (no shit). The Governor takes some time to himself after leading the slaughter (and really, shouldn't he?) sitting down in a pretty fucked up room where various heads are floating in fish tanks (good thing Woodbury has a well stocked aquarium store) including the head of the the pilot he rescued earlier. End Episode.

So for the first time we get nothing from Rick and his group. I can't say it was a great decision. There is no reason why some of the Michonne stuff, with the helicopter crash and Merles reveal couldn't have been handled last week. All the forward momentum the jail story line had is gone, just like any momentum Michonne and Andrea had after not being in last weeks episode was gone heading into this week. Michonne in particular, came off like a whiny bitch. I don't need to see her sulking around like a petulant, emo, 14 year old in the background of scenes for an entire hour. I certainly hope this was an anomaly, and not how she is going to be treated this season.  This week really felt like an episode from the early part of last season - new character, new surroundings - A LOT of talking. Certainly the worst episode of the season so far. Lets hope next week we get back to Rick and some action.

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