The Walking Dead S3 E1: "Seed"

Last season on 'The Walking Dead'...shit happened go watch it somewhere, I'm not your monkey boy. This season - promises of the prison, the Governor and Michonne. Let's get rocked!

Our favorite group of walker hunters, looking rather worse for the wear raids and abandoned house looking for food. Of course, it's only abandoned if you forget the walkers that live there. After quickly dispatching them, Darryl kills an owl, which at one time would have been considered a federal offense. Carl, who now sports his dads hat and a big fucking gun, so I guess we're o.k. with that now, finds some beat up cans of dog food and starts salivating. The rest of the our rag tag refugees, including a very pregnant Lori, also stare ravenously at Carls find. Rick however still has some pride and throws the dog food away.

Desperate for food or shelter, they consult a map on which they've pinpointed different groups of walkers. Seeing no hope moving the way they are going, they double back to the prison we saw in the last episode of season 2. Rick thinks they can at least take the courtyard. After that, maybe the armory, the store rooms and the medical supplies. Lori tries to talk to him, but Rick is having none of it. Isn't that just like a woman, wanting to discuss her feelings while you are planning an assault on a prison over run with the undead?

Successful in clearing the courtyard, the desperate group is finally happy to have a place of green they can call their own. Hershel even beings planning which crops they should plant and where. Rick is in for the big haul though and doesn't let them get stars in their eyes. Lori tries to talk to him again, only to be rebuffed for what we can sense is the 800th time. Jesus woman, give it a rest. As they settle for the night Beth and Maggie sing a song that people seem to like.

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, I mean, some unnamed faceless town. Michonne is kicking some ass.  She slices a couple of walkers heads off and all seems well in her world. Except, Andrea is sick. After a shitload of whining from Andrea, Michonne decides to leave the town quicker than she would like.

Daylight dawns (?) on hour heroes (?) at the prison. Rick leads a small vanguard inside taking out a bunch of walkers along the way. Some of the walkers are rather well equipped, covered in police riot gear. Rick is baffled on how to kill them before lovely Maggie discovers stabbing them in the neck does rather nicely.

They move into the deserted cell block, clearing it out for habitation. Lori is concerned that be baby  might be still born, or born a zombie. I whip out the 'Dawn of The Dead' remake and confirm that should the baby be born a walker they will be fucked. Everyone starts bunking up, Glenn and Maggie of course. Lori and Carol cell together. Carl tries to smooth his way into Beths room (and maybe her pants) before Hershel cock blocks him. Daryl, because he's Daryl and has to always be different, decides he's going to sleep in the guard tower.

Rick gets his vanguard back together to plunge deeper into the prison. Although it appears deserted, Glenn smartly labels the way back. They would need it. The walkers eventually trap them, isolating Maggie and Glenn from the group. While searching for them, Hershel gets bitten in the ankle. Rick does a quick amputation with a hatchet before looking up to see a group of non-zombified prisoners staring back at him. End Episode.

Great way to start the new season. Plenty of gore and killing. The story picks up a few months after season two ends, so the changes are a bit jarring. I'm sure the jump in time, and the obvious changes in group dynamics will be explored throughout the season. After all the hype, I would have liked to see a little more Michonne, but that the only real pock mark on an overall outstanding episode.

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