The Walking Dead S:2 E:2 'Sick'

Last week our group of wandering, walker killing friends liberated a wing of a prison. It was pretty damn cool, you should go watch it. Moving on...

We pick up this week just as we left last week, with a group of unzombified prisoners staring down Rick and Co. as they try to stop the bleeding in Hershels leg. The quickly whisk Hershel away, leaving the ever happy, Daryl behind to guard our new friends. Daryl and the new guys make nicey nice, well, as much as Daryl can be nice to anyone.

Back in the old cell block Carol manages to stop Hershels stump from bleeding. But the concern is not whether he's going to die, but whether, if he does die, he stays dead. Rick has Glenn handcuff Hershel to the bed just in case. He also tells him to stay behind, because he's lucky enough to be banging Maggie and with that privilege comes certain responsibilities. Carl shows up with some medical supplies after finding the infirmary. Lori yells at him, he yells back. Beth yells at him not to talk to his mom like that. Carl gets pissed, because he has a little thing for Beth, so you now, kind of embarrassing.

Rick negotiates with our living prisoner group, offering to liberate another cell block in exchange for half the food. The leader, who we'll call "greasy" reluctantly agrees. Although, he looks like he's up to something. Rick lays out the plan, which the prisoners immediately ignore. After a quick walker killing lesson, they move on.

Hershel seems to have stabilized, so Carol tells Glenn she needs help with something. That something is killing a female walker and dissecting it to learn how to deliver Loris' baby via c-section since Hershel is pretty much out of the picture. Maggie has a great scene where she basically tells  her father it's o.k. to die. Seriously, Lauren Cohen (who looks way to hot to have been running from walkers for 10 months) should get nominated for this, it was great.

Rick and the group press on. The big guy in the group gets bitten and despite his pleading, "Greasy" kills him and seems to way too happy to do it. Rick gives him specific instructions, which he ignores, trying to get Rick killed. he survives and buries his machete in Greasys skull as payback. Another prisoner runs. Rick chases after him, only to lock hm out in a yard full of walkers rather than save him. Suddenly Rick has become pretty bad ass...He drops the two left over prisoners (including 'The Devils Rejects' own Lou Temple) in their newly secure digs, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Hershel's breathing stops, but Lori is able to revive him via CPR, which doesn't seem like the smartest thing considering she carrying an unborn child, but what do I know. Hershel wakes up and appears to be normal, much to the relief of everybody. Outside Carol starts her experiments but someone is watching (intrigue!). Rick and Lori have a talk, he tells her she's not a bad mother, but says nothing about her being a terrible wife, much to Lori's chagrin.

Another great episode. Rick has completed his turn to full on survival mode. He was really bad ass here. Speaking of bad ass, no Michonne or Andrea this week, but it looks like we get a double diva dose next week!

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