In My Opinion...'Ghostbusters' 3 + 'Twilight' Reboot

Good morning fellow Dreaders! Welcome to what I am hoping will become a semi-regular weekend column where I take a look at a couple odd news blurbs that hit this week and give you my humble take. Of course its regularity all depends on, well a lot of things, but I'm hoping anyway. So lets get started...

Ghostbuster 3? Again?

Leaking out, mid-week was a story that Ivan Reitman has slated 'Ghostbusters 3' into his directing calender for next summer (2013). Here is the story from the awesome folks at Basically it's the same shit we've heard for the last three years or so. Bill Murray is out. He wants no part of the third film, either because he is now too cool for school, or because he thinks the script sucks. So we are stuck with no Murray and a new group of 'Ghostbusters' looking to pick up the mantle and battle a new enemy.

The good news is that despite, Murrays absence, the 5 other main characters will return for the film.. Dan Akroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramus, Ernie Hudson and Rick Moranis are all confirmed to appear. Moranis, in particular is an pretty cool get since he's stated a million times that he's retired from acting, so good for Reitman to get him signed on. So 5 out of the 6 main characters will be back. What their roles will be, whether they mean anything to the story, or are simply extended cameos is anyone's guess. The other roles that the film hinges on are of course the three or four new 'Ghostbusters'. Rumors have swirled that everyone from Seth Rogan to Justin Long and Jay Baruchel, being attached to the project. With one of the "new" 'Ghostbusters' being Dana Barretts son, Oscar. I believe that with a decent enough script, a film, sans Murray, can work. There should be enough going on to distract the watcher from Murrays non-presence.

You can choose to believe the rumors or not. I'll believe this film is getting made when it actually hits theaters. There have been too many teases, from everyone, including Murray, to get your hopes up. Frankly,it's time to shit or get off the pot with this already. If it's not going to happen - let it go. Stop blueballing the fans already.

Twi -oh No!

Jesus Christ, Kill me!

The other just ridiculous story that broke this week was the possible remake/relaunch of the 'Twilight' franchise. But wait, the last "film" hasn't even been released yet. Why would they want to reboot the franchise? Well one word - MONEY. Actually there is a second (probably more important) word - STUPIDITY. Not the studios stupidity, it's the fans stupidity. Idiot 'Twilight' fans will pay to see the same film they've already seen, but with new characters. Don't think so? These are the same dullards who even after Kristen Stewart admitted she cheated on shovel faced Robby, screamed that the pictures of her cheating on him were fake. Going so far as to break down the images, looking for signs of photo shop. They live in a very thin glass walled world where nothing can disturb their precious shiny vampire romances.

Whether it is a re-boot, a TV series, a flip book or whatever, Summit is going to keep milking the franchise for all that it's worth. Of course the fact that it is even worth anything is enough to make normal folks throw up in their mouths. So yes, it's unfortunate but the almighty dollar will insure that Shephanie Meyers' Romeo and Juliet rip off will be poisoning young minds for years to come.

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