'Bumbloods' Brings the Gore...and the Laughs!

 The brainchild of New York based sketch comedy group "The Shorts Show"," 'Bumbloods' is a four part miniseries about two unlikely roommates trying to survive during a zombie apocalypse. When a new, synthetic drug hits the streets, 90% of the human population is suddenly transformed into flesh eating zombies. Dr. Jeremy "JERMS" Madison and his roommate Mario "KREPE" Krepeli find themselves in the middle of a zombie infested world and this "odd couple" must learn to cohabitate despite their differences and the ever growing horde of undead around them."

The recently completed first season (four episodes in all) is full of great looking gore and practical effects, with just the right amount of zombie related humor thrown in. If you like some laughs with your undead cannibalism, you can't go wrong here.

Check out the series first episode here, then head over to Bumbloods.com for the rest of the episodes.

Bumbloods Episode 1: Saving Grace by Bumbloods

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