Stephen Kings "IT" to get 2 Film Treatment

"IT" has gone down as one of the better "made for TV" Stephen King adaptations over the last few years, dominated by an awesome performance from Tim Curry. The two part mimi-series looks even better when compared to a lot of the King made for TV shit that followed it. Well, it finally looks like Pennywise (the clown, not the punk band) will finally get his shot at the big screen.

He's scarier than he looks...

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cary Fukunaga (Jane Eyre) will write and direct a new theatrical version of the King classic. Split in to two films, his adaptation looks to have a chance to be at least as good as the made for TV film starred Curry as the iconic evil incarnate in clown make up.

Generally speaking King works 300 pages or under can be tackled in one visual installment (Misery, Shawshank Redemption). However, his longer tomes work much better when the material can be properly distilled rather than cut and pasted into a pre-fit time frame (The Stand). I have high hopes for this project. "IT" is one of Kings most dense writings, to try to fit the entire story into one film, even a two and a half hour one would be a mistake.

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