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 Eli Roth is coming to Las Vegas. While not physically, although something tells me he will be there at some point. Roth, famous writing and directing for the original 'Cabin Fever' and the Hostel Series is bringing his own version of the haunted house to the Vegas strip this fall. Opening on September 27th of this year 'Eli Roths Goretorium' promises to be a haunted house featuring everything you would expect from the upcoming horror icon. "Horror fans know that with my name on it, it won't be for kids." Roth stated when asked about the ambitious project.

Machete Casting News!
You're welcome fellas!

Michelle Rodriguez is set to reprise her role as "Luz" in the Robert Rodriguez directed sequel. Dubbed "Machete Kills" original stars Danny Trejo (in the title role, read my review here) and Rodriguez are expected to be joined by franchise newcomer and Jew hater Mel Gibson. Gibson is expected to play the films main villain, which sounds about right. The film makers are hoping to add alum Jessica Alba to the cast before the sequel starts filming.

Pierce Brosnan joins "The Coup"

Pierce Brosnan (Mr. Former James Bond Himself) has joined the cast of John Erick and Drew Dowdles upcoming film "The Coup." He joins Owen Wilson in the thriller set in southeast Asia against the background of a violent coup.

Responsible for both the awesome 'Poughkeepsie Tapes' and the quirky M. Night Shyamalan produced 'Devil', the Dowdles are good film makers period. So color me very interested in their next film.

and because Pierce isn't much to look at (for most guys out there - sorry ladies) here's more Michele Rodriguez:

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