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Here are some of the Horror headlines of the day...

Multiple sources have confirmed that Ridley Scotts 'Alien' non-prequel 'Prometheus will receive and 'R' rating “sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language.”. That should calm some fan boys down.

For the three of you that care Anna Farris confirmed that she will not be taking part in 'Scary Movie 5'. The film has been plagued with issues since 'Scary Movie 4' hit the box office changing directors already and scrapping the original sequel plans.

And Finally...

Sad news as it seems that 'Jason X' director James Issac has passed away. Issac also directed the films 'Skinwalkers' and 'Pig Hunt.' He got his start doing special effects work for such luminaries as David Cronenberg (Issac worked on Cronenbergs 'eXistence'). Issac gave us one of the best deaths in 'Friday' history when he had Jason smash the girls frozen face into the counter, he was 51.

Rest in Peace James Issac
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