Evil Dead 4? Not So Fast!

Ash does not look happy!
Seizing on a quote writer/director Sam Raimi made in a book published in 2000, Award Pictures announced they will fight Raimi for their right to produce a fourth Evil Dead film. Raimi is quoted in the book as stating he would never make another Evil Dead picture. Award contends that when he made the statement Raimi forfeited his trademark to the franchise.

Raimi of course disagrees and is seeking an injunction to prevent Award Pictures from moving forward with their planned project. Legally, Raimi appears to be in the right here, saying that Award is only looking to cash in on the 'Evil Dead' name because of the remake currently in production starring Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood, Deadgirl) amongst others. 

Truthfully, even if Award is successful in making the film does anyone really want to see it? In all likelihood it's going to be some direct to DVD shit fest without anyone of importance to the franchise (read: Bruce Campbell). So what's the point really, other than a quick cash grab for Award Pictures?

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