Tuesday Morning News Dump

Good Morning ...or Afternoon...whatever. Normally I pick 5 news items and comment on them. It's getting difficult to find those 5 things. So from now on I'll pick a couple of things - talk about them a bit and we'll go from there...Cool? Lets get going.

Ridley Scott continues to make news with his upcoming 'Prometheus' release. Originally billed as an 'Alien' prequel, Scott changed his tune and has set up 'Prometheus' as a completely independent film -despite the presence of some obvious 'Alien' references.' Scotts news wasn't necessarily about the film itself but about his insistence that he is not battling with the studio over running time and rating. Scott said “The cut that you’re gonna see in cinemas…it’s always the director’s cut, really.” Scott stated the film will have about a 2 hour running time and most likely get an 'R' rating. The studio had been pushing for Scott to cut the film to a 'PG-13' rating to expand the audience. Looks like Scott has won that war.

Yesterday, I talked a bit about the 'Carrie' remake and how the most important piece of casting for me will be the role of Carries mother, played brilliantly by Piper Laurie in the original classic. Well, as luck would have it, some interesting 'Carrie' news broke yesterday as it looks like the studio behind the remake is targeting Julianne Moore for the role of Carries psycho-religious mother. Moores casting would be a huge coup for the film. She is a tremendous actress - I've been a fan since 'Boogie Nights' (and really what red blooded American male didn't become a "fan" of hers, for at least 5 minutes, while watching that film). Interestingly both Moore and already attached star Chloe Grace Moretz have appeared in multiple episodes of 30 Rock. Obviously this leads me to believe that Kenneth the Page will also be in the film. Okay maybe that's a reach.

The Daniel Radcliff Hammer film 'The Woman In Black' is set to hit DVD and Blu-Ray in just over a month on May 22nd. The remake of the made for TV film of the same name is Radcliffs first major starring role since the end of the 'Harry Potter' series. The DVD will feature film maker commentaries and at least two featurettes. The film made over 53 million dollars at the box office during it's run.

The other big piece of news that broke yesterday was Bill Murray abd his continued dick tease of the next 'Ghostbusters' sequel. You can read our story on the new developments in the situation here.

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