Top Five Horror News Items Of the Day

  1. Kurtwood Smith (That 70s Show) and Wallace Langham (CSI) have joined the cast of "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Smith will play Geoffrey Shurlock The administrator of the Motion Picture Production Code. Lagnham will portray Saul Bass, the man who designed the title credits for the iconic film. They join Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Beil and Helen Miren amongst others in the unneccessary long titled film.
  2. News of this leaked the other day but Oren Peli shed more light on a film he calls a "cousin" to his blockbuster "Paranormal Activity" franchise. The Catholic themed, micro-budgeted, project is aimed at the ever growing Latino film going market. Look for it in January of 2013. Peli has a pretty good track record if you forget "The River" ever existed.
  3. A "Beetlejuice" sequel in the works? Writer Seth Grahame-Smith says Tim Burton has given him the go ahead to develop a sequel to the 1988 horror-comedy. No word yet on how Burton will shoe horn a white faced Johnny Depp into the film.
  4. Despite the fact 11-11-11 was awful, i quite liked Darren Lynn Bousmans "Mothers Day." Despite a limited theatrical release, the film will finally see the light of day via DVD release next month, just in time for - you guessed it - Mothers Day (it's amazing how those things work out right?).
  5. Real World Horror Alert - A woman in Indiana yesterday ripped off her ex-boyfriends testicles with her bar hands. It hurts just typing that sentence. You can read about the whole ordeal here.

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